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December 2014

My report for the December Newsletter is always the shortest as season is just getting started and most donations will come in at a later date. Thank you to the following members whose donations came in right after my last Newsletter report:

Terry Edson - 10 Beaver, 2 Raccoon, 1 Coyote
Rick Olson - 1 Bobcat, 1 Beaver, 1 Ermine
Gary & Jean Glass - 30 Mink
Leon Windschitl - 4 Raccoon
Rollie Aho - $100 Cash
Melby Fur Company - 2 Coyote, 2 Red Fox, 2 Grey Fox

I had mentioned to Gary and Jean Glass last winter that the Tanned Fur Project was short on mink and they fixed us up nicely. These fine folks also do a lot of sewing and repairing of pelts at no charge for the association. Leon, Terry, and Rick always donate many pelts and their support is greatly appreciated. Rollie Aho (District 3 Co-Director) wasn't able to trap due to health issues last season but sent $100 to put towards our tanning bill, thank you Rollie. Mark and Heidi Melby (Melby Fur Company) not only process hundreds of pelts for the MTA at no charge but always donate many skins as well. Thank you everyone for your continued support.

I'm hoping that 2015 is the year that we are able to restock the inventory of The Tanned Fur Project. We have such a great supporting cast of quality educators that depend on our traveling sets of furs to use in their classrooms each year. Please do what you can to keep this very worthwhile project going. Best of luck to all of you this winter. Have fun and be safe.

Tim Caven, Tanned Fur Project Coordinator
Minnesota Trapline Products, Inc.
7444 County Road 27 NW
Pennock, MN 56279
(320) 599-4176
email: pellethead@tds.net