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Oppose Senate Bill 2143
Taking Away Our Right to Trap Bobcats in Illinois

Fellow Trapper:

My name is Kent Weil and I am the NTA Director for the Illinois Trappers Association.

We need your help.  Last year, after a three year battle, Illinois trappers won the right to harvest bobcats in Illinois.  HSUS spent almost one million dollars to defeat the bill, but we got it passed, and will have our first bobcat harvest season since 1972 in the fall of 2016.

Now, even as the season and permitting regulations are being set, a bill (SB2143) will be heard in the Illinois Senate that will eliminate our right to sell bobcat pelts in Illinois, and will prohibit trapping as a means of harvest.

The bill is scheduled to be heard Thursday, April 7th, at 9:00am

The ITA is vehemently opposed to this bill and we want to crush it in committee before it even sees the light of day.  This is how you can help...

Since anti-trapping out-of-state organizations have been filing witness slips on this bill, we feel it is only fair that out-of-state trappers file also.  This is not against the rules, and the anti's take advantage of that fact.

We are requesting that you file an electronic witness slip opposing this bill.  It's very simple and will take only a few minutes.  The process is outlined, step-by-step below.  Please file a slip today and help us stomp all over this bill!!


Click on the following link, or paste it into your browser

Fill out information as outlined below.  Do not use any information in the Firm/Business name, Title, or Representation lines that identify you as being from out of state.  DO fill in the address and contact information correctly.  No one that I have ever been able to find sees this after it is submitted, but let's do it right.
Fill out name and address info
Use "outdoorsman, sportsman, trapper, concerned citizen, etc." for Firm/Business/Agency.  DO NOT use information that identifies you as being from out of state.
Use "trapper" for Title
Fill in email and phone info
Use "myself" for Persons, groups firms represented in this appearance
Check "Opponent"
Check "Record of Appearance Only"
Type in security code shown.
Check "I agree to the ILGA Terms of Agreement".
Click on "Create Witness Slip".

Once you click on "Create Witness Slip", you should get a screen that tells you a witness slip has been created.  If you don't, some information probably wasn't filled in on the slip.  Go back and look for anything in red to tell you what was missed.

After you file your witness slip, you can view the results using this link:

It's kind of interesting to watch and see who files, and how many slips get filed.

You're done.  You might get your husband/wife/child or anyone else you know to fill one out too.  We need all the help we can get to crush this bill.

If you have any questions, please contact me at weil@springnet1.com

Thanks for your help!
Kent Weil, NTA Director for the Illinois Trappers Association

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