Minnesota Trappers Association
Online Trapper Certification Course

 Attention Prospective Trapper Education Students
As it appears in the Minnesota Hunting and Trapping Regulations Handbook

Persons born after December 31, 1989, who have not been issued at trapping license in a previous year may not obtain a trapping license without a trapper education certificate.  The Minnesota Trappers Association will conduct trapper education courses statewide, free of charge to the participants, and issue certificates that satisfy this trapping license requirement.  Contact the MTA at http://www.mntrappers.org/ for class information.  These courses include a mandatory field training portion that MUST be completed before certification.  Please plan to take certification courses well in advance of the fur trapping season.

2012 Minnesota Hunting Regulations

Those under eleven years of age are not eligible for certification
in the MN Trappers Education Program.


There apparently has been some confusion on the part of some non-residents regarding MN Trapper Certification.

At this time, non-residents of Minnesota are not permitted to trap in this state with or without a certification.  The only exception being those owning land in Minnesota are permitted to trap the land they own.

Although everyone is welcome to complete the Minnesota Trapper Education Course - it will have no bearing on non-residents being allowed to trap in Minnesota.

Thank you for your interest in the Minnesota Trapper Education Program (MTEP) - Online Trapper Certification Course (OTCC).  The MTEP was created through the joint effort of both the Minnesota Trappers Association (MTA) and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MDNR).  This free-of-charge program was designed to improve new trapper's knowledge of Minnesota's furbearers and to provide basic information needed to trap them in a responsible and ethical manner.  This exchange of techniques and methods will help those new to the sport avoid most of the frustrations encountered by "trial and error".  In addition, the course's strong emphasis on ethical conduct, the respectful treatment of game and sensitivity to public perception will ultimately benefit trappers, the game pursues and the public's attitude toward this sport in a positive manner.

The MTEP is comprised of two portions.

  1. In-Classroom Training (or Online Trapper Certification Course)
  2. In-Field Training

Whenever practical it is in everyone's best interest to attend an in-classroom program.  However, difficulties due to scheduling conflicts, long distances to the nearest classroom setting and other complications, the OTCC is offered.  Unfortunately, it is impossible to replace hands-on activities and class/instructor interaction with an online course.  For these reasons it is strongly suggested, but not required that an OTCC graduate seriously consider voluntarily taking an in-classroom course at a later date for their own benefit.

  1. Download the Minnesota Trapper Education Manual which will be your textbook for this course.
  2. Complete the nine (9) Online Course Chapter readings. These are found by clicking on the "Course Chapters" button.  The course is designed for you to complete each chapter in the order it is listed.  There is a review quiz at the end of each chapter.  Go through each question carefully, make sure you understand the question and have the correct answer before moving to the next one.  A pop-up will appear stating whether your answer is correct or incorrect.  If your answer is incorrect, close the pop-up window and try again.  If your answer is correct, close the pop-up and move on to the next question.  After you have successfully completed the quiz, move on to the next Online Course Chapter reading.
  3. After you have completed all 9 readings and quizes all you have left to do is complete the Online Trapper Certification Course test.  Click on the Final Test Button" at the top of this page. The test is comprised of true/false and multiple choice questions.  There is only one correct answer per question.  When you answer a question correctly, the next question will appear.  When you answer a question incorrectly a pop-up will appear stating you have the incorrect answer, try again.  If this happens - close the pop-up window; re-read the question and submit a different answer.
  4. When you have successfully completed the test you will be directed to a course completion page.  On the bottom of the page there will be a form for you to complete and submit.  By completing this form the MTA Education Coordinator will be notified that you have passed the Online Trapper Certification Course test, thus qualifying you to take part in the In-Field Training portion that is required to complete the certification process.  The In-Field Training forms and documents are available by clicking on the "In-Field Training Button".
  5. Please click on the "In-Field Training" buttton at the top of the page for information on completing the trapper certification process.  Please send instructor signed forms to:  Shawn Johnson, MTA Education Coordinator, 6122 McQuade Rd, Duluth, MN  55804.  If you have additional questions after reading all the materials provided on the website contact Shawn electronically at mcquaderoadfur@msn.com.  Be certain to put "Trapper Certification" or something similar in the subject line to prevent your correspondence from going immediately to JUNK.  Or by telephone - (218) 525-4970.  When leaving a message be certain to leave your first and last name as well as a contact number.
After you have completed the Online Trapper Certification Course and the In-Field Training you will receive a certification card, a beautiful embroidered shoulder patch and other materials available at that time.  Your name will then be entered into the MDNR Electronic Licensing System (ELS) to pave the way to your license purchase.