Minnesota Trappers Association
NTA Director Report

David Chmielewski
2008 County Road 4
Carlton, MN 55718
(218) 384-9727


Good winter meeting.  I enjoyed seeing you all and getting a chance to visit. For those who stopped by the NTA counter and signed up/renewed memberships, a special hats off to you! 

Nationally, Michigan sportsmen are engaged in what I call a "cage match" with the HSUS over the wolf season. Naturally, the HSUS wants the hunt to stop. They were able to get enough signatures to get the season on a referendum ballot for November of 2014.  Michigan trappers and the NTA are doing what we can to keep the wolf hunt by working on public opinion.  This means that the rest of us need to pitch in financially so our friends in Michigan can fight the fight. NAFA and FHA accounts are set up so fur can be donated. Donations can also be made at www.defendthehunt.com.  

This is one of those instances where you can say to yourself, "someone else will take care of it".  Meanwhile, some guy (we will call him "Montgomery") is sitting at a Starbucks in lower Manhattan, New York, sipping a Mocha.  He’s talking to his coffee friends about the wolf hunt in Michigan, because he receives email updates from HSUS.  He hasn't been into the countryside for two years. He has lived in New York City his entire life.  He has a little fluffy white dog that he carries in a man-purse everywhere he goes. He cannot imagine anything bad ever happening to Fluffy, let alone a wolf being taken by a hunter in Northern Michigan.  So he pulls out his iPhone, and he makes a donation to HSUS. 

You will probably never meet Montgomery.  If you did, you probably would not have much in common with him. But like it or not, Montgomery has money and he does not care about your right to trap or hunt.  He doesn't care that trapping and hunting is a lifestyle and a heritage for millions of people in this Nation. 

This is why you get involved and let your fellow trappers and sportsmen know every time you get a chance.

David M. Chmielewski
NTA Director - Minnesota