Minnesota Trappers Association
President's Report

Jerry Larsen
28026 MN Hwy 4
Grove City, MN  56243

President's Report

December - 2015

Hello fellow trappers,

My wish is that everyone is having a safe and successful season. We all know that prices are way down and look to be down for some time. But that doesn't mean we quit trapping. We have a duty to be a large part of the wildlife management tools. It is a good time to take a kid and show them how great trapping is. Better yet take an adult that would like to learn what trapping is all about. Please take the time and educate the public. There is very large need to show those who don't understand trapping or maybe just thought it was a bad thing, due to the lies and propaganda they have been unknowingly given.

On the legal front, it looks like we will be dealing with the same garbage in the legislature, as we did last year. So please keep in touch with your representatives and senators to try and educate them about the truth. The same groups are trying the same scare tactics and lies as they have done before. We need to just keep doing our part by setting legal and ethical sets. If and when there might be a possibility of catching a dog, please use caution and maybe not set that spot at all. We need to keep using common sense. Accidents do and will happen, that is why they are called accidents. But for some narrow minded individuals, that doesn't seem to matter. All sportsman groups should be working together, but there are groups that are trying their best to split the sportsmen, which is exactly what the anti groups love.  We all will pay the price for that. The MTA will continue to fight the antis and try to do our best to ensure meaningful trapping continues and thrives.  Your organization is asking our members to help out and let those who make laws, know that we do not want any additional restrictions on our trapping.

Some good news! We have had a nice turnout on the education side, with many new kids and adults going through the education classes. This is very encouraging so that even more people in general will understand and get the true side of trapping. There are some new board members as well. This is great to see more of the membership taking a larger step to be involved. If you would like to do more, please contact your district directors and co-directors and when the time comes, I assure you they will be a calling you for help.

In this newsletter you will find a ballot regarding non-resident trapping.  You can use that to vote by mail, or you can vote in person at the winter meeting. Please take the time and vote. It does matter. This has been a heated issue for quite some time. This should not affect other decisions that we need to make in the future. Enough with North/South garbage. We are all trappers and we need to work together. There are a great many people out there that would like to see trapping go away. So remember everyone has an opinion, but when dust settles, we all work together.

Also, at the winter meeting there will be the fur contest and many other activities. So please come and hang out with all the trappers. If you have not bought a legal defense banquet ticket hurry up and call Gary Meis. He might have a few left. It really is a great time!!  And you get to play games and relax with the cool trapper couples.

Please keep in touch with the website and your district directors for the issues coming up during the legislative session. It is important that we keep the communication flowing throughout and become even more organized.

I again want to thank everyone who voted in the election. I am still overwhelmed. I am, and will continue striving to do my best.

If there are schools, sports shows, or other events that would be a great idea for a MTA booth, please let the board know. Maybe you could even set one up. Please get in touch with a board member. We can get more exposure and help you get the materials needed for a successful display.

Remember to be safe and share your experiences and knowledge with others. May your traps be full and donate the fur to the tanned fur project if you don't sell. We get a great amount of use and promotion out of those furs.

God Bless,