Minnesota Trappers Association
President's Report

Jerry Larsen
28026 MN Hwy 4
Grove City, MN  56243

President's Report

September- 2016

Hello all,

Well another great convention is in the books. Dewey and Larry and the District 3 clan put on a great show. Helping was Bert and Frank’s A-team-crew. Buzz did an absolutely awesome job keeping all the vendors organized and happy. There always is a great deal of work done before, during and after conventions that people just don't see and appreciate.

 I had a great time talking to quite a few people during the convention and as always very received supportive comments and insights on the future of our great heritage. It’s fun for me to talk trapping with so many folks that really care about what’s happening, not only in the MTA, but at a national level as well. Thank you to those I got to talk with, for your insights and your support of the MTA.

News from the game fair was that the group who hates trapping and is trying to take away the body grippers and snares, were removed from the game fair. Not sure of the story behind their removal, but that could not have been good for them. We had some great people, working our booth at the game fair. These guys really need a big thank you for trying to educate people on the truth.

Coming up in the next year will be a challenge at our capitol with elections, and we will be prepared to deal with whatever comes. We will continue to educate and move forward on the issues that will affect trappers. Now more than ever, we need member support and help.

On the lighter side of things, it was my honor to give out some much needed awards at the general meeting. Again, these folks were deserving of their award. I have so much pride in those who get recognized for their contributions of time, energy, and commitment to help in all aspects of the MTA. It was tremendous thrill for me to award the recipients, and I look forward to doing it again next year. We also awarded two scholarships this year to some much deserving applicants. The scholarship committee had its job cut out for them this year, as all the applicants had great applications. The two who won the scholarships were Brianna Jonas and Mariah Slocum. Congratulations to both of you. May these awards help you in your studies at college. I hope that our future is a bright as the two individuals.

 I would like to take some time and thank all the membership for your support and input. It is because of your support and ideas that we can continue to help fight groups that want to take trapping away, but also continue presenting the ideas and truth to our up and coming generations. These generations growing up are more knowledgeable, but some lack the common sense and the connection to wildlife, as we have. So if possible, please take a kid trapping. Show them the hands on feeling, and try and instill the responsibility that we have to the wildlife we help manage.  That not only helps our future, but society as a whole. If we can just reach out and take some time. The dividends are great!!

I want to also express a concern for the Montana trappers as well. They have their work cut out for them. They are up against the anti's regarding trapping on public land. If you can donate to them, just look up Montana Trappers Association and donate to their fight. Just remember, that if that gets some steam out there, it will head our way quickly. I know prices are down but I also know we trap for more than just the money.  

I'm sure I am forgetting stuff, but please try and make your fall district meeting to share your input. Be safe out there this fall, and enjoy what God has given us. Take time and smell the roses and share your experiences with the youth.

Please remember to come to the winter meeting in January in Askov. Look through the newsletter for more information.

Be Safe and God Bless,