Minnesota Trappers Association
President's Report

Jerry Larsen
28026 MN Hwy 4
Grove City, MN  56243

President's Report

March - 2016

Hello Trappers,

Well I hope everyone had a safe and fun trapping season. Fur prices are in the dumps, with a slight exception as coyote and fox seem to hold a little.

Please, if you get a chance take someone out to show them our great heritage.

It's actually been pretty quiet so far on the legislative front. Of course that could change in a heartbeat. Hopefully that stays that way. Check out the stuff on website (in the sportsman alert section) for some encouraging news from our friends at Sportsman's Alliance on giving the states back the power to manage wolves. At least there is a glimmer of hope.  Hopefully it will stay that way. And we will someday be able to harvest and mange this wonderful species.

The MTA also completed the vote on the non-resident trapping issue, with the restrictions, and it was passed by the vote. There are some who have drawn up a letter with the restrictions highlighted in it, to see if there would be a senator that would support this.  Gary L. has sent a letter to the DNR to state the vote and restrictions for their records as well. Again, I want to remind everyone, that this issue is only supported with the restrictions attached. And please do not let this issue cost working together for the other issues, friendships made etc. We have been working hard to promote trapping by being involved in schools, Boy Scouts, Sport Shows etc. If you know of someplace the MTA can and should be involved, let your directors, or officers know, and we will help get you and others to show of our great heritage, and the truth about trapping. We have had great response for this stuff from teachers, instructors, and sport groups. They are happy that we share the truth and educate others.

Our Tanned Fur Project is getting a good workout. And that ladies and gentlemen is a good thing. The Summer Convention will be coming up soon, and we will need help.   Just call your directors and they can point you in the right direction. More hands make work easy and fun. We also are going to try a Thursday, Friday, Saturday Convention this year. There will be nothing official happening on Sunday. In the past years, no one has been around Sunday anyway, so we are going to try this way. Everything will open at noon on Thursday.

Please stay safe and try and make your district meetings and keep in touch with your directors and co-directors. These people do a lot of stuff for the membership and they enjoy hearing from you, as they represent you and your association.

Take care and may your traps be full.

God Bless,