Minnesota Trappers Association
President's Report

Jerry Larsen
28026 MN Hwy 4
Grove City, MN  56243

President's Report

December - 2016


Hello Trappers.

Well I hope everyone is out and having a safe trapping season. The prices may be disappointing but we still get out and do our part. If possible please take a young person and or an older person on the trap line with you, so we can promote our great heritage.

Coming up in December, we have been asked by the DNR to have a meeting with the dog lover group and see if we can get an agreement on the stuff we put in the regulation book each year, and find a way to work things out between us. That meeting is supposed to happen in December sometime. Otherwise we will see after the elections on who the new senators and representatives are. From there we will get a plan together to start the battles that always seem to come at us trappers. There are some projects in the works with some media outlets to try and promote trapping and wildlife conservation. Hopefully with some work something will work out with a few of these and get people involved and engaged with trapping.

Now, we have had a few rumblings about our finances. We did not have any money stolen nor missing. There has been for quite some time, a very bad accounting of our books. That being said, the past directors and co-directors were not diligent in keeping track of this, and I am including myself in this. We should have done and will do better at watching spending and where our money comes from and goes. So we have been and are trying to improve the process and the visibility of all the accounts. This will enable the board to make better decisions in the future. There has been countless hours spent trying to figure it out and having an accounting firm help us set things in the proper place. Some of the board of directors have resigned due to some of the issues, and that is too bad. We all need to work together and keep trying to better the MTA, not try and tear it down with our personal problems and beating up on each other. Now off the soap box.

The winter meeting will be fast upon us. This year we will be able to have the DNR register fur there. There will be a few demos, along with all the trappers there to hang out with. If you can make it please do. If you can help set up Friday night or Saturday morning, help is always welcome.

Also, if you have some time Saturday night, get your tickets for the Legal Defense Banquet. It will be a great time.

Well I hope all your traps are full, and be safe out there.

God Bless,