Minnesota Trappers Association
President's Report

Todd Roggenkamp
8100 Shady Trail
Breezy Point, MN  56472
(218) 562-4050

President's Report

September 2017

Members of the MTA:

Greetings! I hope this first report as your MTA president finds you all doing well and starting to get geared up for the upcoming fall trapping seasons.

I want to start this first report by taking the time to thank outgoing President Jerry Larsen for all his hard work during these past two years. I know it has been challenging at times and I appreciate all he has done to work on behalf of the MTA. Please take the time when you see him to say thank you.

By all accounts, I heard the convention while it was a bit wet, turned out quite well. I apologize for not being there, my job required me to be in Wyoming during the summer so, I was unable to get back in time for the convention. To everyone who supported me in being elected as your new president, I want to say thank you. I will work hard and do my best to make sure the MTA moves forward in the right direction. I and the board will work together to be a proactive organization. We will work with the other organizations in this state to make sure trapper rights are being protected.

The Board of Directors and I have plenty of work to do as we go forward. We will be working to develop and approve a budget the MTA can follow to make sure our fiduciary responsibilities to our members is being met. We will continue to work on implementing new protocol and process to insure accountability to the members of the organization. Staying on top of what is going on at a state and national level regarding trapper rights will be another top priority. The board and I will work to be proactive in our stance and make sure we are keeping the best interests of trappers in our state in mind.

We currently have two positions within the MTA open. NTA Director Dave Chmielewski has resigned due to the lack of time and commitments needed for family and work. I want to thank him on behalf of the MTA for his work for representing the state of Minnesota and the MTA at a national level. Dave will be missed and I wish him well. The MTA is also seeking an FTA Director for the current vacancy. If you or anyone you may know is possibly interested either of these positions, please contact me.

The fall Board of Directors meeting will be held the first Saturday in October. Please look for the place and time to be posted on the webpage when it has been scheduled. The BOD and I will be tackling a variety of topics including the winter meeting, budget, and other topics.

I will close out this report for the time being, but rest assured, I will in future reports have much more information to share with you the members as issues, projects, and programs move forward. Until then feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. You can reach me at mntapresident@yahoo.com or at 218-562-4050. I will return your email or phone call as soon as I possibly can.

Together we stand