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 Attention Prospective Trapper Education Students
As it appears in the Minnesota Hunting and Trapping Regulations Handbook

Persons born after December 31, 1989, who have not been issued at trapping license in a previous year may not obtain a trapping license without a trapper education certificate.  The Minnesota Trappers Association will conduct trapper education courses statewide, free of charge to the participants, and issue certificates that satisfy this trapping license requirement.  Contact the MTA at http://www.mntrappers.org/ for class information.  These courses include a mandatory field training portion that MUST be completed before certification.  Please plan to take certification courses well in advance of the fur trapping season.

2012 Minnesota Hunting Regulations


Trapper Certification?

Much like prospective first time hunters must plan ahead in order to secure their MNDNR Hunter Education Course certifications (firearms safety) before hunting season rolls around, prospective trappers must do likewise to insure they receive their Trapper Education Certifications well in advance of the MN trapping season as Trapper

Education Courses and associated Field Training Sessions are likewise only available at certain times of the year.
All traditional trapper education classes and field training sessions were completed for this season by the end of September 2015 statewide. Most areas of the State will not have another opportunity until late winter early spring at the earliest. Class and field training sessions are published on the website as they are scheduled.

Now that trapping season has begun, the only alternative for an individual seeking certification is the online coursework necessary in order to complete the written exam portion of the Program. However, the field training aspect must also be completed prior to the certification becoming valid.

A list of certified Trapper Education Instructors is provided on the website but be aware that most will be extremely busy with their own traplines at this time of year and accommodating students in need of field training will be difficult if not impossible in most cases.

The only other practical option would be for you to solicit and secure your own personal field instructor at this point in time.

Please review the documents provided under In Field Training on the online course portion of this website to determine if a non-certified field instructor that you know may be qualified to provide this required aspect of the Program for you.

Individuals that do not meet the specified qualifications outlined may be approved on an individual basis by MTA Education Coordinator.


There apparently has been some confusion on the part of some non-residents regarding MN Trapper Certification.

At this time, non-residents of Minnesota are not permitted to trap in this state with or without a certification.  The only exception being those owning land in Minnesota are permitted to trap the land they own.

Although everyone is welcome to complete the Minnesota Trapper Education Course - it will have no bearing on non-residents being allowed to trap in Minnesota.

 Instructor Certification Course 

Do you wish to help our youth by instructing them in the proper procedures and ethics of trapping. Then the MTA could use you.  Click on the above Instructor Certification Course link, and you will find all the information needed for you to become a certified instructor for the MTA.

 Student Trapper Certification Course Information

To comply with Minnesota state law, those born after December 31, 1989 who have not been issued a trapping license in a previous license year may not obtain a trapping licence without a trapper education certificate.  To satisfy this requirement, please click on the Student Certification Course Information link.