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 District 8



 Brad Wobbrock
 598 State Highway 99
 Cleveland, MN  56017
 (507) 340-1772

 Bill Ruhland
 600 4th St NE
 Montgomery, MN 56069
 (952) 290-0400

Previous Reports


Director - Brad Wobbrock

June 2014

Greetings To All:

The Minnesota Trappers Association Summer Convention is August 1-3 at Barnum.  In this newsletter you will see each districts duties at the summer convention.

District 8 had their Spring Meeting on March 22nd at the Pine Island Sportsman Club.  We had about 88 members come and attend this meeting along with many directors and co-directors from other districts.  We always have a good turnout at Pine Island and they now have a new club house which is very impressive.  A special thanks to all of you that brought food and pop.  And a huge THANK YOU to Pine Island Sportsman Club for letting us have our meeting there.

At our meeting, one of our young members, Linden Johnson's son,  brought his wolf pelt and skull.  Joshua  trapped this wolf the first season this year in Minnesota.  Thank you for bringing your pelt and skull for us to see.

Another huge Thank You goes to Cumberland's, Wiebke, Top Lot Stretchers, Bill Ruhland and Dick Davis for the prizes that were donated. 

Kathy and I have sent out a special thank you, with some pictures to the Pine Island Sportsman Club for allowing us the use of their club.

I wanted to also thank all of the members that stayed after our meeting and lunch to help put 1000 zip ties kits together.  It was wonderful to see all of the people and kids participating in making this a fun filled time and within a little over an hour, 1000 kits were finished.  Some of you took kits for upcoming events.  I still have 650 kits at my home for any of you that may need them.  Please contact me and I will make arrangements for you to receive your kits.

Our District 8 Fall Meeting will be hosted by Cumberland's Northwest Trappers Supply, Saturday, August 23rd. This is their Annual Open House and Customer Appreciation Day.  Doors open at 8 am and our district meeting will be at noon.

Have a safe spring trapping season and see you at the convention.



Co-Director - Bill Ruhland

June 2014

Greeting's District 8,

Well spring is finally here, I didn't think it would come. Thanks goes out to the Pine Island Sportsmen for letting us use their facility for our District 8 meeting, it is a very niece facility, and served our needs very well. Our meeting was very well attended. We put together our portion of the ziptie kit's after the meeting, and thanks for everyone’s help. It looks like the body gripers may be safe for another year thanks to the ziptie kit's, and our diligent work at the legislature. Brian Clausen has offered to work on positive PR and shine a bright light on the MTA in the public's eye's. After coming up with the ziptie kit's I’m sure he will do a very good job. District 8 will again have a booth in the Izaak Walton building at the Steel County Free Fair from August 12th – 17th, if you have some time and would like to join in on the fun give me a call. Our summer convention is August 1st -3rd in Barnum. Their will be Field Training opportunity's for Trappers Ed  Students that need their Field Day requirements, stop at the MTA Booth. District 8 has the MTA booth responsibility’s on Friday 10:45 -2:00 and Gate Duty Saturday 2:45-7:00 your help is appreciated very much.

See you in Barnum,

Bill Ruhland