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Brad Wobbrock
596 St. Hwy. 99
Cleveland, MN 56021
(507) 340-1772


Bill Ruhland
600 4th St NE
Montgomery, MN 56069
(952) 290-0400

Brad Suemnick
3950 34th Ave NE
Owatonna, MN  55060
(507) 475-1090

Previous Reports

Director - Brad Wobbrock

September - 2017


Another summer has come and gone and fall is now on its way. Not much has happened in the trapping world in Minnesota other then we now have a season on the weasel - yes, it is true.

Kathy and I spent three days at the summer convention, working at the gate and the MTA Souvenir Booth. We met a lot of members, new members and all around had a great time.

The directors from District #5 put on a good convention and the weather was great.

I would like to thank all the big three dealers for their support to the MTA and the rest of the smaller dealers as well.

August 26, District 8 had their fall meeting at Cumberland’s.  They have always hosted our fall meeting and provided a meal - thank you Cumberland family.

Kathy and I would like to say "thank you" to the voters who took the time to vote for President and Vice President.

This campaign was and will remain a great honor for me.  I received so many encouraging and welcoming phone calls, emails and face to face conversations these last three months.  I have much gratitude for this experience. 

I want to congratulate both President Todd Roggenkamp and Vice President Duane Schmitz. 

All districts will be voting for directors and co-directors this fall.  There will be new leadership this year and will be posted in the newsletter and on the MTA website.  Please take the time and read up on them.

Change is always good!

Best Regards


Co-Director - Bill Ruhland

September - 2017

Greetings District 8,

Greetings District 8

By the time you read this, summer will be behind us and the fall hunting seasons will be started, I hope you all will be able to get out and enjoy them with family and friends.

I just got done taking inventory of the items the MTA had at the Steel County Fair and am happy to say this was the best so far, we had many people help out which was fantastic, and I appreciate every bit of help I got from these people: Brad Suemnick and his daughter; Brad Erickson; Pam and Mike Marsolek; and Linden Anderson. Jerry Hansen came by to give some of us a lunch break even though his wife and he were having medical issues. A big thank you to these people and I hope you all continue to help out at the Fair as this is the last fair I will be in charge of. I have been working the Steel County Fair for 10 years now and I just don't have the time to run it any more.  It is time for someone else to step forward and carry the torch. I will give you all the assistance I can and will donate some time at the fair, but someone needs to step forward for the next fairs. If you are interested please contact me at 952-290-0400.

  As far as the MTA convention in Litchfield, the Fair was going on at the same time and luckily Brad Erickson came to the rescue and worked the MTA booth so that my girlfriend Kristi and I could take in the convention on Saturday, it was an eye-opening experience for her for sure, she already has her eye on some fur garments for me to trap some fur for, so I think she's going to be a keeper. I'm going to have to test her out on the trapline and fur garments just might be a good motivator to get her out in the cold.

  I hear that we have a new President and Vice-President of the MTA, congrats go out to Todd Roggenkamp and Dewey Schmitz, and thank you Jerry for your service of the MTA.

  The winter meeting in Askov isn't far of, so make your reservations before they are gone. Also remember the legal defense Banquet is the same day, so make sure you get your tickets.

Trap safe,

Bill Ruhland  


Co-Director - Brad Suemnick

September - 2017

Greetings fellow trappers,

Another summer convention has come and gone. Hopefully everyone that attended had a great time.  I'd like to congratulate the new M.T.A. president - Todd Roggenkamp, and vice president - Duane (Dewey) Schmitz.   They definitely have their hands full to keep the organization going smoothly.  

Thanks to Bill Ruhland and his organizational skills, the MTA booth at the Steele County Fair set a new sales record. It was my pleasure to be able to help out there a couple of the days, always fun talking to the general public, and trying to answer any questions they might have.

If anyone is interested in helping with the Adopt a Highway program give me a call, text, email, or now days you can even message me on Facebook.  The fall pick up date is September 16.  Hopefully we'll do it again in the spring, although we haven't set a date for that yet.  The signs are up at mile markers 30/32 just south of Owatonna on I-35.

Southern Minnesota has had plenty of rain this summer so the lakes and rivers should be at favorable levels for water trapping this fall. The days are definitely getting shorter and cooler, a sure sign that our trapping season is just around the corner.  Muskrat populations should be on the upswing too.

Don't forget to try and donate some fur this fall to the tanned for project. The winter meeting is January 7, 2018 in Askov, MN, just north of Hinckley.  I encourage members from district 8 to attend, it’s a bit of a drive for us, and so if you're interested in carpooling let me know.  Remember to save your biggest beaver tail, longest muskrat tail, and heaviest raccoon. That’s always a fun competition.   This is also a great place to bring your donation for the tanned fur project.

The only law change I see for trappers for the upcoming season is that this year there will be a season for weasels.  It sounds as if it will coincide with the fox season.   I'm sure it's a pretty minor change for most trappers.

Make sure to try and take the kids trapping this fall. They are our future.

Have a great, safe fall trapping season,

Brad Suemnick