Minnesota Trappers Association
 District 8




Brad Wobbrock
596 St. Hwy. 99
Cleveland, MN 56021
(507) 340-1772


Bill Ruhland
600 4th St NE
Montgomery, MN 56069
(952) 290-0400

Brad Suemnick
1495 Crestview Ln
Owatonna, MN  55060
(507) 475-1090

Previous Reports

Director - Brad Wobbrock

June - 2017

Once again spring has come and along with that some spring beaver trapping. Hope those who did trap this spring did well.  Fur price is down although caster is up.   Some folks have even found a market for the skulls.

I did take a week to trap this spring and I very much enjoyed being out and about.

Thanks to all of you that took the time to come to our District 8 Spring Meeting in Pine Island in March.  We seem to always have a good turn out and a good time and the pot luck has been a great hit. Thank you to Cumberland and others for their donations to our raffle.  We had about 75 members in attendance at the meeting. We had some very good discussions at our district meeting and your concerns and questions have been heard and I will be taking them back when we have our next Board of Directors Meeting.

I also want to thank those members in attendance for electing me  as Interim Director and also for electing Bill Ruhland and Brad Suemnick as Interim Co-Directors. Cumberland's will have their annual Customer Appreciation Days, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm on August 26th.   We will hold District 8's fall meeting that same day.  Meeting will start at noon and also remember we will be voting for Director and Co-Director(s).

MTA Summer Convention will be held at the Meeker County Fairgrounds in Litchfield - August 17-19.

Once again this is an election year.  Your voice needs to be heard.  If you cannot make the convention, please fill out your ballots, follow the directions and mail them in ahead of time. In normal election years for the MTA president and vice-president only 300-400 members vote.

I would like to see this number increase.

Best Regards,
Brad Wobbrock

Co-Director - Bill Ruhland

June - 2017

Greetings District 8,

We had our election for interim Director and Co-Directors at our spring meeting at Pine Island Sportsman Club, and Brad Wobbrock was voted in as Director and Brad Suemnick and I were voted in as Co-Directors. I decided to accept the nominations with the thought and opinion that now is the best chance for positive change in the MTA.

I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate Brad Suemnick Co-Director for District 8. Brad’s a very ambitious guy, he has already sponsored a stretch of 35W South of Owatonna on behalf of the MTA and is looking for people to help clean that stretch of highway, so everyone interested on giving a hand with this give Brad S a call at 507-475-1090. Remember many hands make light work so pitch in if you can.

Spring is finally here and I managed to bag another turkey again, just in time for me to run down to Cumberland’s to teach my Trappers Ed Field Day. The field day went well. We had 20 students of all ages.  They had many questions and some input of their own which really makes a fun class when everyone participates.

When you get this, fair time will not be far off.  We once again will be having a booth at the Steel County Fair.  It just so happens that the Trappers Convention is the same week and weekend as the fair. I am asking for help if you can give some of your time, maybe part of a day before you head off to the convention or part of a day when you get back would be awesome.  If you’re not attending the Convention your help will also be appreciated. If there is anyone who can take over managing the booth at the Steel County Fair in the future please let me know because I am about done with managing this event.  I don't mind pitching in and helping with it but I don't have the time to do this anymore, so please give me a call if interested at 952-290-0400 leave a message and I will get back to you.

I guess you all already know that Brad Wobbrock is running for president, I for one am glad that Brad choose to step up, I think he will be a very good MTA President. Brad is the kind of guy that can get things done, and if he gets knocked down he gets back up and keeps swinging until he gets where he wants to be. Brad is a very vigilant person and will stand up strong for the trappers of Minnesota.

That’s all for now.

Bill Ruhland


Co-Director - Brad Suemnick

June - 2017

Greetings fellow trappers, 

I would like to introduce myself as the new District 8 co-director. I am excited to get the chance to help district 8 and all trappers throughout Minnesota. Trapping has a long history in my family, my dad, grandpa, great grandpa, as well as much of my other family were trappers.  I grew up in a rural area of small town, Waterville Minnesota.  My 3 brothers and I started out trapping gophers in the road ditches, and it escalated from there.   I moved to Owatonna about 15 years ago and have lived here since.  I'm the proud dad to an 8 year old daughter, she loves fishing, hunting and trapping with her dad whenever she can.

It looks like the high water, and mild winters have been a blessing for muskrat and beaver populations.  They've rebounded well from the drought conditions we had in years past, and fur prices appear to be on the uphill swing.  Don't forget to mark your calendars for the list of summer conventions; the National Trappers Association Convention July 27-29 at the Winnebago County Fairgrounds in Illinois.  That is fairly close for me, only about 5 hours.  The Iowa Trappers Association Convention is September 8-9 at the Worth County Fairgrounds, just across the border.  But the most important convention to attend will be the Minnesota Trappers Association Convention August 17-19 at the Meeker County Fairgrounds.  This is a very important year for the MTA, as we will be electing a new president.   If you can't attend be sure to fill out the voting form in the newsletter. The Minnesota Trappers Association is a strong voice to defend trapping in our state and nation against anti trappers. Without the MTA we might face the same outcome as other states across the nation that have imposed strict laws against trapping.

Recently Brad Wobbrock, Bill Ruhland and I have adopted a 2 mile stretch of Interstate 35 just south of Owatonna for the Minnesota Trappers Association.   We believe having Adopt a Highway signs on I-35 will have a positive impact on the general public traveling the highway, as well as helping make our state look a little nicer.  The first roadside clean-up is scheduled for September 16, 2017 at 8:00.  With a few volunteers I would guess we would be done by 12:00.   If you would like to help, and get some exercise, please contact Brad, Bill, or me.  Your help is greatly appreciated.

I would also like to take time to thank everyone that has donated their time, and resources to the MTA over the past many years.  It's these people that keep our tradition alive, whether it be by giving youth education, donating fur to the tanned fur project, selling raffle tickets, or helping at the conventions.   It all matters, your time and resources are greatly appreciated.

It appears the verbiage that would have required written permission to trap on private property in Minnesota was taken out of the bill in the past weeks.  Anybody that took time to call or email senators and representatives, your voices were heard.

Customer appreciation day is at Cumberland’s Northwest Trapping Supply,  Saturday August 26 from 8:00-4:00 with free demonstrations by very knowledgeable trappers,  the district 8 fall meeting will be there also.  Sure to be a great time for all in attendance. 

Last of all if anyone from District 8 has any questions, on anything don't hesitate to call, or text. (507)475-1090 Your voice, and opinions matter.

Have a great summer,