Minnesota Trappers Association
 District 8



 Brad Wobbrock
 598 State Highway 99
 Cleveland, MN  56017
 (507) 340-1772

 Bill Ruhland
 600 4th St NE
 Montgomery, MN 56069
 (952) 290-0400

Previous Reports


Director - Brad Wobbrock

June - 2016


We held our spring meeting in March at Pine Island Sportsmen's Club.

Thanks to all that showed up and helped out. It was a beautiful March day and I think our attendance was a bit lower than normal.

It was a great time, great food and hopefully we were able to enlighten you on what is happening in the trapping world.

Thank you to the Cumberland bunch for their donations and a great door prize.

Things in St. Paul seem to be very quiet for now on any trapping changes.

Anyone wanting to do a booth at a fair or any other event, please contact Bill Ruhland or myself.   We can help get the materials to you.

I went up north and trapped some beaver for 4 days just to get enough to make Kathy a coat.

Lots of beaver and not many trappers that I could see. I do very little trapping from the roads most of mine is done from the 4 wheeler.

One more time of low fur markets, maybe it is time to get that fur coat.

There should be some money in damage work throughout our state.

Good luck and be safe.



Co-Director - Bill Ruhland

June - 2016

  Greetings District 8

  I hope everyone had a good beaver season this spring.  I decided to let my beaver get a little bigger this year.  My work decided to get very busy after the first of the year so I spent a lot of time at work. Like the farmers say make hay when the sun shines.

  Well it looks like District 3 is putting together one heck of a convention in Fergus Falls this year so make sure to make your plans early or you could miss out on a lot of fun.

 Brian Fisher is setting up the demos this year so if you are interested in doing a demo make sure you get hold of him.

 District 8 support at the convention has dwindled in the past few years, so I am asking that those that attend the convention this year please try and spend a few hours at the gate or MTA booth.  Your efforts are very much appreciated.

  There is a NEW SPORTSMEN ALERT QUICK TAB on the website, so please take advantage of the new feature to get up to date alerts on sportsman related items.

  August brings fair time and I am looking for volunteers for the Steel County Free Fair again so if you have not signed up already please consider putting in some time at the MTA booth. It’s always fun sharing stories and your knowledge of the outdoors with people.  You may even find someone that is looking for a trapper in your area. Please contact me if you’re interested.

  With fur prices what they are this year it won't hurt too much to donate to the Tanned Fur Project so remember to set aside a pelt or two for the project.

 See you at the convention.

 Bill Ruhlan