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 Leon Windschitl
 617 Orchard Rd
 Worthington, MN  56187
 (507) 372-5588

 Shannon Cohrs
 244 Haynes St
 PO Box 66
 Dovray, MN  56125
 (507) 380-0997

 Brian Fischer
 55458 Cty Rd 21
Courtland, MN  56021
 H: (507) 354-2674
 C: (507) 276-6322

Previous Reports


Director - Leon Windschitl

June - 2016

Hello fellow trappers! 

Spring might finally be here. 

District 7 held their spring meeting on February 20 by Dovray.  It was in a different location this year.  We had a decent turnout.  I would like to thank Shannon & Angie for setting up the location to have the meeting.  We also had Jason Wiebke there to buy fur in the afternoon.

The Minnesota Convention will be here before we know it.  Remember that the convention will run from Thursday at noon until Saturday evening.  Sunday will be vendors loading up and cleanup day of the grounds.  If you can stay and help, please volunteer your time.  We always need volunteers so if you have extra time while you are there throughout the convention make sure to stop by the MTA booth to volunteer and they will get you a location that needs help.  District 7 has gate duty on Friday from 5- 10 pm and souvenir duty on Saturday 2 – 5 pm.  Please make sure to help our district with our times as well.  Be sure to check in at the beginning of the shift and we can set up some times for everyone to work.  Hope to see you there.

Until next time!

Leon Windschitl



Co-Director - Shannon Cohrs

June - 2016

Hello Fellow Trappers,

 It’s been a while.  

Well fur prices are in the tank for a while, but you all knew that.  Coyotes are still holding somewhat for the better skins.  With the down market, just don’t stop trapping.  This is the time to hone your skills at trapping a species that you need help in catching.  Or try to better yourself at putting up fur, because you are not out much if you wreck it.  Also you can always donate to our Tanned Fur Project to fill our reserves. 

  I attended two Sport Shows this spring and there is still interest in trapping and what is does.  A lot people commented that we are needed to keep the predator population down to help deer, upland birds, and waterfowl survive.  So whatever we have been doing to educate other outdoor groups about what we do, we should keep it up!  Some of you should look at getting into damage control work to help out those in need.  I have a lot of people wanting me to take beaver, coon, and coyotes off of their land.  I seldom do it for free, unless they are willing to let me trap again in the fall when the fur is prime.

I had a customer come in the other day to tell me that I volunteered again.  I said, “Now what did I do?” He said, that MN/DOT had put up a sign at the end of his driveway.  It says, Adopt A Highway, Minnesota Trappers Association.  I had no clue and I had to go look for myself!  I called Leon also, and he had no clue either of the volunteering of our services.   I sure I will find out in time.  By the way, it is the best two miles in the state to walk ditches in.  It starts on the west side of Westbrook on State HWY. 30 and lies in Cottonwood & Murray County.   It is 100% mowed for the two miles, and very easy to walk to pick up trash.  So come fall and spring, we will be in need of volunteers to walk this stretch.

  Next on the agenda is the upcoming MTA Summer Convention in Fergus Falls.  The wife and I would not want to miss the annual family reunion of trappers. We will of course donate a little package to the live benefit auction.  I’m sure Dewey and crew will put on a great convention!  Leon and Brian’s reports will have more details on what volunteers from District 7 can do.

 I see it’s time to get back to work!  The next fertilizer truck just pulled in to load, so need keep the farmers happy. 

 Take care and enjoy every day you can outside!

Shannon Cohrs



Co-Director Brian Fischer

June - 2016

Hello my friends,

By now everyone’s gotten a dose of reality, and things that were told to us last fall became reality. The fur market is hurting and it will take a while for things to come back. I took the buyers advice, started later and went for better quality of fur. Prices that I received from local buyers was worth the wait. They were still buying, they just wanted good stuff. I don’t blame them for they are the ones taking the risk. Personally, numbers were a bit down but I am convinced it’s not because of the shorter season it was more weather related and respect for landowner’s properties. We had lots and lots of fall rains which made lanes and field road untravelable.  It was hard to wait, but like I had mention patience had paid off not just in the fur price but the ease and fulfillment of processing primed fur.

District 7 will be scheduling another Minnesota Trappers Field day in mid Sept. I will be posting this on the web site. I am taking names now and will do the follow up for registration when the information is ready.

If you have been on the Web site or read your last newsletter you will have noticed that MTA has given me the opportunity to line up demos for are Fergus Falls convention this coming Aug.11-13th. I am in charge on the land, water and the Beginner Trapper Connection (BTC) demos. As of today, April 22nd, all the water demo slots are filled. One land demo slot remains pending and all BTC slots are filled with a few pending presenters. There are 21 water, 21 land and 14 BTC demos scheduled. Demo times start at 1:00 Thursday and go through 3:00 Saturday. See listing in this newsletter or on the web site. If anyone is interested in presenting a BTC demo give me a call, I could use some help. All things will be prepared and all you will have to do is present to some eagerly young-old participants.  For that future trapper that is waiting on their MTA Field Day Certification there are 16 demos that would qualify marked with an asterisk on the demo listing.

Convention is coming. Help out if you can. If you need assistance with deciding on what to help with, give me a call and I will help direct you. 507-276-6322.

Enjoy the summer and lets “Pass it on”,