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Previous Reports 


Director - Leon Windschitl

March 2015

Hello fellow trappers!

Spring will be here before we know it.  Hopefully, we can get out there for some spring beaver trapping.

The winter meeting was held January 3, 2015 in Askov.  Fur Buyers were on hand to buy or pick up furs. There were vendors on hand to pick up those few supplies that were needed.  I was in charge of the pelt handling contest for adults and the junior divisions.  We had quite a few pelts entered and more junior entries this year as well.  Please look at the full report in this issue for the details.

The Legal Defense Banquet was that same evening.  It was a good time.  Thank you to Buzz and the team for putting on a great banquet.  If you haven’t been there, you should plan on attending next year.

It’s never too early to start making plans for the summer convention in Bemidji.

Until next time.

Leon Windschit



Co-Director - Shannon Cohrs

March 2015

Hi to Everyone.

Just a quick report this time around, as I am getting ready to head to Tucson, AZ for some predator hunting.  My wife says I procrastinate too much and this is why my report is short.

I been hearing lately all the garbage on the news and internet about wolves.  The Relisting of the Great Lakes Wolves by a judge who had no biological reason to do so.  But lately, they are attacking a Super Bowl Commercial.  The Budweiser Lost Puppy one where the puppy confronts a wolf!  Well the Anti’s are saying that’s not what a wolf would do in the wild and the commercial depicts the wolf as being bad.  And that canines will not harm each other, but the wolf would have taken the puppy in and cared for it.  Right!  What’s next?  No Little Red Riding Hood fairy tales told in daycares or schools???  People, we live in a society where everything matters to everyone.  So if we have the chance, we should educate anyone who has a half a brain or more.  Right now in U.S. Congress there is a bill being sought for the Great Lake States and Wyoming to release the Management of the Wolves to those states.  Please by all means contact your Congress Person to vote yes for this bill to pass.   Then it would be up to each state’s Game & Fish Department to Manage the Wolves, like Montana and Idaho.  Enough on that subject for now, since I said it was going to be short.  Oh by the way, I did manage to snare my first wolf this year!

Summer Convention season will be here shortly and people are making vacation plans.  The convention will be held in Bemidji this year at the fairgrounds on Aug.14, 15, & 16.  I hope to see a lot of old friends and always wanting to meet new ones too.  It seems like an Annual Family Reunion to the wife and me.  With fur prices still pretty fair, I think there will be a very good attendance as in the past.  Of course District 7 will have assigned duties like always, so please volunteer your time to help out, if you can.  Even an hour of your time is appreciated!  

Well that is all the time I have for now, since there is some packing to do for the trip.  I will have pictures to share, even if I don’t shoot something.

Later and Keep on Trapping!

Shannon Cohrs




Co-Director Brian Fischer

March 2015

Hello friends,

Was it a good season? Are there any season memories to share? Did we have the time to invite a friend or bring youth along on the route? Let’s be proud of America’s Heritage and pass on this sport. The MTA needs you to step up and help out to increase the membership numbers. Thank you to all that have created a memory with someone new and I encourage others to consider this an opportunity.

Make sure to review the notes from our winter board and general membership meetings held in early January at Askov.  There are a few issues directly dealing with all MTA voting members.  Take the responsibility of being informed.

I am happy to report that I have fielded no complaints from the immediate area.

I am looking for help at the state convention this year at Bemidji. As I have mentioned in previous newsletters we are attempting to kick off a new demo program for kids or first time trappers. This program will be in addition to our typical land and water demos that Pete Jonas is organizing. The demos will run Friday and Saturday. Examples of a few demos are: Animal Identification, Trap Preparation, DNR Synopsis, Tools of the Trade and more. When the demo list is complete it will be posted on the web site and put into our next newsletter. Pass this along and invite or bring the kids to the convention. Give a call if you’re interested in helping.

Pass it on,