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 617 Orchard Rd
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 (507) 372-5588

 Shannon Cohrs
 244 Haynes St
 PO Box 66
 Dovray, MN  56125
 (507) 380-0997

 Brian Fischer
 55458 Cty Rd 21
Courtland, MN  56021
 H: (507) 354-2674
 C: (507) 276-6322

Previous Reports


Director - Leon Windschitl

September - 2016

Hello fellow trappers!

The convention ended and it is time to write the report.  Hats off to Dewey and his District 3 members.  They all did an awesome job putting on the convention.  All of your hard work paid off.

Thank you for all that volunteered for gate duty on Friday night.  It makes the time go by when we have enough people to help and socialize with.  Thanks to Greg Zieske and Scott Hill for supplying the grill and grilling while on gate duty.  Just remember next year that there is also souvenir duty that we need volunteers for as well.  We were shorthanded for that.

Brian Fischer did a great job on the Trappers Connection Program again this year.  Keep up the great work, Brian.

I would like to congratulate the following people for the awards they won at the General Membership meeting on Saturday.  First off, great job to District 7 for all the fur donations made to the Tanned Fur Project.  District 7 donated the most fur.  With this win, our district will have our name put to the highest valued gun and the funds do not have to come out of our district’s budget.  Great job to all who donated.  Leah Schmitt received Junior Trapper of the Year and Denise Windschitl received the President’s Award.  Congratulations to all.  Also congratulations to Cayson Hill on his first place win in the trap setting contest for his age group.

I would also like to thank Tom Boser for a job well done on the raffle.  You put a lot of time in during the year. 

District 7 will hold their fall meeting at Schmitt Enterprises on Saturday, October 1.  Schmitt Enterprises will also be hosting their Customer Appreciation Open House.  Please watch the website or the mail for your post cards with the day’s events.  We are still in process of planning the day.

A reminder as you are out trapping this fall, make sure you take some pictures and send them to Tricia Coons, Newsletter Editor.  She is always looking for pictures to put in the newsletters.

Please watch the upcoming newsletters for information on the winter meeting.  I will again be in charge of the pelt handling contest.  The board has made some changes to the contest, so make sure that you read the information later in this newsletter to see those changes.  Also, tickets are available for the Legal Defense Banquet that is held the same evening as the winter meeting.  Contact Buzz Neprud if you are interested in getting tickets.  Plan early as they usually sell out.  It is a nice evening out.

Until next time,

Leon Windschitl



Co-Director - Shannon Cohrs

September - 2016

No Report At This Time



Co-Director Brian Fischer

September - 2016

Hello my friends

Thanks to Fergus Falls and District 3 for a great convention. Good comments received on behalf of the MTA’s organization. Congratulations go out to our fellow District 7 member’s Leah Schmitt and Denise Windschitl for distinguished awards received and well deserved. See the convention general membership meeting for more award details along with other news.

 I enjoyed the responsibilities of lining up all the demos for the land, water and Beginner Trappers Connection. Summary is that all things went well and for the most part all demos had a respectable crowd. Between the 3 programs, 54 demos were presented with just one demo being postponed due to work issues. Please read BTC and demo report for the in depth details in this issue. If you have the chance, thank the presenters and vendors for the support they give our demo program.

A District 7 Trappers Education Field Day, has been scheduled for September 17th, 2016.  I will be the lead instructor. Program will start at 9:00 and finish at 2:00 pm. See the MTA web site for signup details or call me at 507-276-6322.

Our District 7 Fall Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, October 1st. Gerald and Doreen will be hosting the meet at their business location. It is Schmitt Enterprises Inc. and an open house will be held as well. Doors will be open by 9:00am.

As the season approaches I ask my fellow trappers to be respectful.  Don’t trespass, use proper disposal methods, respect landowners, and fellow outdoors people. Take people with you if they ask. Educate and talk to non-trappers about our sport. This can be positive and you may gain another supporter as our friend.

Volunteer and help out when you can.

Pass it on,