Minnesota Trappers Association
 District 7




 Leon Windschitl
 617 Orchard Rd
 Worthington, MN  56187
 (507) 372-5588

 Shannon Cohrs
 244 Haynes St
 PO Box 66
 Dovray, MN  56125
 (507) 380-0997

 Brian Fischer
 55458 Cty Rd 21
Courtland, MN  56021
 H: (507) 354-2674
 C: (507) 276-6322

Previous Reports 


Director - Leon Windschitl

June 2015

Hello fellow trappers!  I hope that you are enjoying our spring. 

The summer convention will be here before we know it.  There has already been plenty of planning and work started for this year’s convention.  District 7 will be working the front gate on Friday from 7:00 – 10:00.  This is the only job duties that we are scheduled for.  There is always other things that volunteers are needed for.  Please plan to come and volunteer your time for the front gate on Friday evening.  If you have some other time to volunteer as well, please stop in at the MTA booth and they will provide you with a spot for you to help out.

It is an election year, so be sure to vote.

Non-resident trapping will be discussed at the general meeting on Saturday morning.  It will be voted on if we should move forward with it.  You must be at the general meeting to vote.  Be sure to attend to get your voice heard.

Be sure to read the President’s report to get the latest information on the legislative issues that have been going on.

We are working on planning our fall meeting.  Schmitt Enterprises will be holding an open house at the same time.  A date has not yet been set but will be shortly.  Please look for upcoming information in future publications.

Until next time,




Co-Director - Shannon Cohrs

June 2015

No Report At This Time




Co-Director Brian Fischer

June 2015

Hello friends,

Furs have either been sold or sent up to the auction houses for further processing. The crying is over. The positives are we enjoyed nature another season. Hopefully we introduced another person to the sport and have passed the fever on.

District 7, was responsible for a 3-M retiree banquet in March. A presentation on American’s Heritage and the advantages of trapping was the program’s main focus. The attendees were able to touch pelts, handle equipment and identify local fur bearing animals being controlled by local trappers in the surrounding area. Approximately 70 people in attendance. Good interest and a great opportunity for education.

If you are going to set traps, be responsible enough to pull them when your season is finished. The last thing I or your fellow trappers want to see is traps or stakes sticking out the water with closed traps and left over feet in the jaws. I don’t understand it. You individuals that are practicing that illegal task, are you lazy?  Do you have money to throw away? Is it bad memory? I hope it’s not because we just don’t care, for I would find that offensive.  It is illegal to leave traps in after the season. It is also bad publicity for trappers. I am asking you to reevaluate your practices.

I am preparing a Trappers Education Field Day Course this September.   A date has not been set. I encourage interested participants to get your on -line classes completed. I am taking early registrations. Agenda and details will be posted on the web site sometime late June or early July.

This year at our Bemidji State Convention we will be starting a new program,  Beginner Trapper Connection. This program of demos is designed for kids, youth and any age beginner. Demos include Early Season, Animal Identification, Trap Preparations, Trap Handling, Tools of the Trade, Water Basic and DNR Synopsis. See the web site or newsletter for Friday and Saturdays times and listings. These demos are in addition to our typical water and land demos. Pass this along and invite or bring the kids to the convention. Give me a call, 507-276-6322, if you’re interested in helping. I do need some help.

Pass it on,