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Previous Reports 


Director - Leon Windschitl

March 2014

Hello fellow trappers!

Hopefully spring will be right around the corner.

The Winter Meeting was held on January 4 in Askov.  There were dealers and fur buyers on hand, and contests taking place.  The Pelt Handling Contest was held with a few less competitors than last year.  We still had a good number of entries.  I would like to thank everyone that entered and hope you enter again next year.  I would like to congratulate Tim Bauer on being the Master Fur Handler of the Year.  We also had a Junior Division this year.  It was a little short on participants but hope to be able to get more involved next year.  I would like to congratulate Abigail Blazevic for being awarded the Junior Pelt Handler of the year.  I would like to thank Brian McMillian from NAFA for helping judge the pelt handling contest and Cumberland’s for supplying prizes for both divisions.  A special thanks to Patrick Fundine for donating traps for the junior division.

The Legal Defense Banquet was held Saturday evening.  It was a very nice evening.  I would like to thank the Legal Defense Committee for making it a great night.  They did a great job on lining up prizes, setting up the community center, lining up Ringer’s for making the meal and the Askov Firemen for tending the bar.  You did a great job.

The National Trappers Convention is July 24-27 in Escanoba, MI.

The summer convention will be held in Barnum on August 1 -3.  If you plan on being there, please make sure you plan some time to volunteer.  District 7 will have gate duty, souvenir duty, and the ball toss booth.  It is nice when we can split the duties between everyone that is there.  I am also sure that District 1 would take any help they can get with other duties at the time of the convention.  If you want to help out more, please stop by the MTA booth and they will be able to advise where help is needed.

Keep in mind, when spring comes and you are doing your spring trapping that the Tanned Fur Project is down on pelts.  We need to be able to get the volume back up on the pelts, so let’s make sure that we donate those extra pelts to the Tanned Fur Project.  If you still have some in your freezer, you could donate those as well.

Until next time.

Leon Windschitl


Co-Director - Shannon Cohrs

March 2014

Hello Fellow Trappers:

Trapping Season has come and will be gone soon, except for spring beaver trapping.  Wow, what a different trapping season then the past few years, with the winter weather and all.   This fall started well, but it went downhill fast including  freezing temps with ice up, early snow that stayed throughout the season and lack of some critters.  Being compared to last few seasons, we have to take the bad with the good.  I still managed to harvest a few critters in spite of the circumstances.  Bobcats this past season was a bust for the wife, son, and me, due to the deep snows during the season.  The cats didn’t move too much with all the snow and cold temps, during the two weeks we had traps set.  When it came time to pull our traps, we were going to need the assistance of a snowmobile.  My friend Kyle Little came thru and offered us his Ski-doo Tundra to use to retrieve our traps and cubbies.  Thanks a bunch Kyle, you’re a lifesaver!  And my wife thanks you also for letting me use the Tundra, because I want one now.  More gear needed for the Trap Line!

I have been managing to snare some canines this season even with snow and very cold temps.  Every year you learn more about the critters you pursue and that is one of the main reasons I love trapping.  As with life you never quit learning and the critters always like to throw you a curve ball now and then.  I also drew a leftover wolf tag for hunting, but didn’t get to hunt any, due to unforeseen circumstances.

Most of you had known that I lost my mother in June this past year.  Well on December 1st, I had received news on my way back from setting Bobcat traps that my brother Craig went missing in the Wyoming Mountains that morning.  Later that night around 11 pm we received word of his passing.  He and his wife Robin were heading up some hills to go after elk around 7:30 am and he never came back to meet up again.  He was found by his son Don, sitting by a rock, with his rifle cradled and looking towards the sky.  I know what you are thinking, “What a way to go or I would like to go that way”!  But it was way too soon.  He was 58 years old on Nov. 27 and healthy as any Mountain Man should be, putting on 8 to 10 miles in the mountains a day.  They said it was a blood clot that took him and no early sign of this was even known.  So a lot of my time was spent in Wyoming this fall, hunting elk and paying my respects to a Great Hunter, Trapper, Fisherman, Friend and Brother.  “I will see you up on the Mountain!”

Last issue of the newsletter showed a picture of the Bull Elk I shot in Wyoming.  It also stated that it was the reason for not submitting a Co-Directors report.  Trust me it was a very good reason, it so happened to be with my brother Craig, sister in-law Robin, nephew Don and my wife Angie.  It was our last elk hunt together.  He was so happy that I scored a nice one finally, and having the knack for shooting elk close to the road, after all I had been thru with the Big “C”.  I had a different outlook on life then, but I have a way broader outlook now!  I say, if you want to do something in your life then just “Get it done”!

I had the pleasure to attend the State Pheasants Forever Convention with Jerry Larsen, in January.  We had a table set up with body grip release kits, newsletters, membership forms and other literature.  We were welcome by all who attended and were asked to attend more functions to promote our education of body grip release kits.  Jerry and I spoke during a 45 minute seminar about dogs and traps afield.  I think we had around 70 people attending our seminar from around the state.  Jerry and I answered questions about the release kits and spoke about other traps that were used today.  All who attended left with a better understanding of what needs to be done in the event a dog comes in contact with a trap.  We handed out over 300 body grip release kits that day and were invited to attend their upcoming area banquets to further our cause.  So directors beware!  We put the word out and they will be contacting you for attending their banquets.  Blame Jerry Larsen, he did it!  LOL!  Enough for now as I believe Leon and Brian covered what is coming up in district 7 and the state.

Take care and enjoy every day you can outdoors!

Shannon Cohrs 



Co-Director Brian Fischer

March 2014

Hello my friends,

Enjoying the outdoors needs to be in your blood with a winter that we are going through. The life and times of a trapper! Out in the world’s elements everyday trying to make the best of the situation. It has been brutal in our area. Water did freeze up early. Cold weather has been a part of the season from day one. But the clincher is the amount of snow that has been falling along with daily winds. It has taken the vehicle out of the combination and now testing the legs and heart with long walks. Dedication to the sport has its rewards for the animals are still there, it’s just that we as trappers need to adapt.

What have my fellow trappers done to help promote the sport of trapping? Gone to your district meeting? Taken a youth along on the trap line? Have you shared your experiences with acquaintances? Maybe you have been one of the individuals that manned a MTA booth demonstrating zip-ties. Donated to the MTA Tanned Fur Project. Asked for more than just one book of raffle tickets? As a member and fellow trapper we have a responsibility and opportunities in front of us that will strengthen our association. I continually encourage, you, my friends to do something positive for our sport.

Issues, that I was asked to past on from Thor Nelson, our local conservation officer.  He did field many complaints referencing more to ethics than the law with practices being done on Swan Lake during the opening days of muskrat trapping. Issues listed were:

1. Staking huts and throwing a trap on them without setting just to claim a hut.

2. Numerous trappers staking and trapping the same huts. 

3. Corporate trapping, where people were hired to set someone else’s traps. 

4. Trap tampering.

Other than the last issue listed above, the rest come down to trapping ethics.  I know I spend over an hour when I do trappers certification on the topic of ethics.  I don’t have an answer for the above. Like all things let’s be smart and considerate, don’t let actions of the moment control you. Don’t do something that you’re going to regret!

District 7 has handed out zip-tie kits to local pheasant chapters. We will also be present with a booth demonstrating zip-ties and fielding questions at the Brown County Pheasants Forever Chapter Banquet on March 15.

District 7, will be having our spring meeting Feb. 22nd in Dovray, MN.  I plan on attending and will bring any concerns forward for our area to this meeting. If you’re looking for any additional information give me a call. Next MTA board meeting is set for March 1st, in Isanti.

Stay safe and  pass it on,