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 District 7




 Leon Windschitl
 617 Orchard Rd
 Worthington, MN  56187
 (507) 372-5588

 Shannon Cohrs
 244 Haynes St
 PO Box 66
 Dovray, MN  56125
 (507) 380-0997

 Brian Fischer
 55458 Cty Rd 21
Courtland, MN  56021
 H: (507) 354-2674
 C: (507) 276-6322

Previous Reports


Director - Leon Windschitl

March 2016

Hello fellow trappers!  It has been a different type of winter for us.  Not many years do we have as much rain as we did in November and December. I am hoping that everyone was able to get out and trap.

I would like to thank the MTA and District 7 for the flowers and prayers that we received during the time of my sister’s death.  It meant a lot to us for all the thoughts that came our way.

The winter meeting was held on January 9.  The crowd was down some.  I was in charge of the Pelt Handling Contest again this year.  I would like to thank everyone that entered their pelts.  I would like to congratulate Rick Bork for being the Master Fur Handler.  There was a tie for the Junior Fur Handler and those were Caden Hammer and Cayson Hill. Great Job guys.  Also, way to go Cayson for representing District 7 so well.

The Legal Defense Banquet was held later that evening.  There was a good turnout.  It was a great time.  The committee put on a nice banquet.  Thank you who helped put this on, you did an awesome job!

Be sure to check out the next District 7 report as it will have the information for the spring meeting that was held on February 20.

Until next time!

Leon Windschitl



Co-Director - Shannon Cohrs

March 2016

No Report At This Time




Co-Director Brian Fischer

March 2016

“We want better fur!” say the buyers. Trappers should take this advice for consideration, no early stuff. I know that I have started late this year and my numbers are down but I am not flooding over flooded warehouses with bad fur. The fur market isn’t good. Trappers that did not listen will find themselves with non-marketable goods and find themselves doing a lot of work for nothing. I did feel like I was alone out in the wild, didn’t see too many people out and about. Weather did no favors in my part. 5-6 inches of rain, 10 inches’ snow, days of melting, and 8 inches of addition snow. Result was a lot of walking and carrying out catches. Makes me appreciate the good weather years.

I have mentioned this before; As trappers we learn and experience a lot if we are out there dealing with the elements as presented. Crawling back into the shed and complaining doesn’t put fur in the shed. I think back, 2012 cold and water froze up already in November. As I travel around my route here in February 2016, creeks are running with no ice. In 2013, there was about 3feet of snow, and trappers had to pull footholds and lean on snaring. 2014, lots of snow early and it all went away for a nearly perfect foothold, winter trapping. Weather is a great teacher and I look forward to the challenge every year.

Our 2016 Minnesota State Convention, which will be in Fergus Falls this year, runs from Thursday afternoon though Saturday evening. It figures to be a very busy convention. I am assisting in land and water demo scheduling. My contact information is on the MTA web site. If anyone has suggestions, comments or names, give me a call. I do have the demo times slots all complete and in the process of filling in the blanks. After our next board meeting in March, I will get the tentative information posted on the web site.  We will be also doing our second year of BTC (Beginner Trapper Connection).

First demos, for the any age beginner, land and water are scheduled for Thursday 1:00. We will be adding 3-4 extra demos, in each division, on Thursday and the usual demos times scheduled for Friday and Saturday. One of the objectives this year with the BTC demos is to have youth presenters. Schedule and slots have been created but I still am looking for volunteers. This will be posted on the web site when enough information is gathered. If you’re interested in helping give me a call.

My fellow trappers, let’s get involved and help carry on this American Heritage.

Stay safe and let’s pass it on,