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 Brian Fischer
 55458 Cty Rd 21
Courtland, MN  56021
 H: (507) 354-2674
 C: (507) 276-6322

Tyler Thompson
 47052 435th Ave
Nicollet, MN, MN  56074
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Director Brian Fischer

December - 2017

Hello my friends.

Nature sure has a way of controlling the trapping season. Two days in on the water trapping for rats on slews and we are dealing with ½ ice formed. You guys been waiting for months and now need to make smart decisions. Even though the water is cold, land critter fur is not ready either. Today is the third of November and to this point the few sets I have in prove to be too early. I will be patience and wait till the end of deer season.

   September 16th District 7 held a field training day. Six more participants registered and were certified for In the Field Training Education Course. Excited to say a few of the participants signed up and joined our association that day.

    Saturday September 30th, our district held its fall meeting at Schmitt Enterprises. Thank you to Gerald and Doreen for hosting and providing the food, drinks, donations and all the work put into the arrangements. It was a real nice turnout. The day started and ending with demos presented by Lesel Reuwsaat from South Dakota, Jim Gough Iowa and myself. This year was also District 7 election year. Our district did have Leon and Shannon step down which created opportunity. I was elected as District Director and Tyler Thompson was elected as a co-director. Tyler is from the Nicolette area. I wish to say a big thank you to Leon and Shannon for what they have done for our district, and welcome Tyler aboard and look forward to working with his abilities. If the district has any questions or concerns give me a call, 507-276-6322.

October 7, I attended a MTA board meeting in Barnum, Minnesota. Welcome Todd and Dewey as President and Vice President.

I encourage you to read the board minutes in this newsletter. A highlight that I would like to mention is that the association has decided to move forward to another year of Beginner Trapper Connection. We did discuss better sound system at demos, and possibly putting a tent over presenters and demo spectators.

Our District will be donating 2 guns this year for the raffle. These monies will come from raffle donations gathered at our meetings. There are a lot of new faces on the board and a high focus increase on continuing to better our organization.

The 2017-18 season is upon us, I ask all my fellow trappers to be respectful.  Don’t trespass, use proper disposal methods, respect landowners and fellow outdoors people. Take people with you if they ask. There are no secrets or location we need to hide. Educating non trappers about our sport can be positive and you may gain another supporter as our friend.

Good luck, stay safe and let’s pass it on,



Co-Director Tyler Thompson

December - 2017

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