Minnesota Trappers Association
 District 6



Jon Longfellow
 20733 Glenbrook Ave N
 Forest Lake, MN  55025
 (651) 271-4587

 Drake Jackson
 5237 Idaho Ave N
 Crystal, MN  55428
 (763) 535-3527

Previous Reports


Director - Jon Longfellow

March 2014

District 6 Trappers,

It was nice to see several of you at the winter meeting in Askov. If you have never been to the winter meeting I would highly recommend it. It is a much shorter event than our summer convention but a great gathering after the fall trapping season. There are suppliers on hand, DNR furbearer registration and a general membership meeting is held. There are opportunities for you to sell your fur to buyers on site or you can drop off fur to be shipped to auction. 

Just like the MTA other outdoor groups are having meetings, shows, and conventions now and throughout the year. Many of these we attend every year. If you hear of any events that are being held that might want the MTA to participate please let me know as soon as possible. We get several requests that come in on such short notice that we have trouble getting volunteers. These events can be critical to educating the non-trapping public. If you would like to volunteer to represent the MTA at one of these functions please let me know. We can never have too many people willing to help.

If you have some good trapping pictures from your 2013/14 season please send them in to the newsletter. We can always use photos or even a well written short story from your line. If it is easier for you just send them to me with a short note and I can get them forwarded for you. Remember, it’s your newsletter.

Lastly, I know we are overdue, but I will be working very hard to get a District 6 spring meeting scheduled very soon. If you have any suggestions for a facility please let me know.


Co-Director - Drake Jackson

March 2014 - No Report