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 2765 White Pine Way
 Stillwater, MN  55082
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Andy Shoemaker
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Previous Reports


Director - Jon Longfellow

June - 2016

District 6 Members

Based on our El Nino warm weather gift this year my guess is by the time you read this our spring beaver season will have been wrapped up for a while.

I don’t have a lot of news but do want to point out a few items as reminders.

It’s not too early to start planning for the summer convention August 11-13 In Fergus Falls. It’s a great event every year.

We need volunteers to keep the convention running smoothly. It’s your organization and your event.  Please help if you can.

If you have any questions about what help we need refer to the website as the convention nears and our duty schedule will be posted.

This legislative session there are again efforts underway to reduce your privileges as a trapper. We are working hard to keep the decisions effecting trapping based on facts and not emotion or misinformation.

Watch the website for updates and alerts as it relates to this topic.

Be safe,



Co-Director Gary Nelson

June - 2016

Greetings fellow trappers;

I met virtually no competition from other trappers in my area during this past fall and spring trapping seasons.  Interest in trapping has subsided due to the low fur prices.  However, this is a time when we can really demonstrate to the public the vital role that trappers play in wildlife management.

During the past year I have come in contact with landowners that are desperate to find a trapper.  I am not an animal damage control trapper, but I try to help landowners with furbearer problems in my area if it is occurring during the regular trapping season.  This spring I asked a sod farm business in my area if I could set a beaver trap in their drainage ditch.  They said sure and asked me if I would check all of their drainage ditches for beaver activity.   I ended up catching seven beaver in their ditches.  They were very pleased.  Years ago, before I moved to this area, this same sod farm had a beaver dam flood several large sod fields.  It cost them $10,000 to replant the sod fields!!!

Have a great fishing season this summer!


Co-Director - Andy Schmitt

June - 2016

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