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Previous Reports


Director - Jon Longfellow

March 2016

You may have noticed that the Non-resident trapping bill passed in favor of allowing non-residents to trap in the state with some restrictions. I want to thank those that came to the winter meeting and cast their vote as well as those that sent in their ballot by mail. As I said in my last update I don’t have an issue with how you voted on this, just that you please try to vote. As it ended up we did not have a very high return on the vote. My guess is that you have regular voter apathy along with the reality that having or not having non-resident trapping is not perceived to make a difference to a lot of our fellow trappers. Everyone did have a chance to be heard and that’s all really could be asked for.

So now what?

The President will make the appropriate contacts in the MN Government aware of the wishes of the MTA. This in no way means you are going to see the change in 2016/17.  The reality is we are a user group. We have some influence but we are not by any stretch of the imagination capable of having our will be done on these things just by asking. So I would say that if Non-resident trapping is something you are in favor of then there has been progress made toward that end. If you want to discuss this matter further, please let me know. You should all have my email and phone number.

Remember this is your organization. It should be (is) working for you. If you have any doubts that it is…dig in to it, call me, offer ideas, attend a meeting etc.

You may not always have the same experiences or opinions as the rest of the membership or the board but I assure you these people are volunteering a lot of personal time to do the best job possible.

Be Safe,



Co-Director Gary Nelson

March 2016

Greetings fellow trappers;

My son and I recently saw the new movie release “Revenant.”  It revealed the near-death experiences of mountain man Hugh Glass in the 1820s.  It is R rated and graphic.  It portrayed very authentic scenes of the fur trade with an emphasis on beaver pelts.  We saw the movie in 3D at the Plymouth Grand Theater. The 3D experience was amazing!

The first furbearer I caught as a youngster was in 1959 near my home town of Dassel, MN.  It was a live spotted skunk.  I ran home and told my Dad.   He followed me into the woods and dispatched the critter with his single-shot 22 rifle.  The odor from its spray was powerful!  I checked the trap the next day and another animal, perhaps a fox, had scavenged the carcass.  Back then, we referred to the spotted skunk as a civet cat.

For reasons that are not fully understood, the spotted skunk has nearly disappeared from the Minnesota landscape.  Only a few individuals have been documented in recent decades.  It is currently classified as a Threatened Species in Minnesota.  If you encounter a spotted skunk, please report the sighting to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

I hope you have a safe and successful spring beaver trapping season!

Gary Nelson

Co-Director - Andy Schmitt

March 2016 - No Report