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 District 6




Jon Longfellow
 20733 Glenbrook Ave N
 Forest Lake, MN  55025
 (651) 202-1940

 Drake Jackson
 5237 Idaho Ave N
 Crystal, MN  55428
 (763) 535-3527

Gary Nelson
5061 201st Place NE
Wyoming, MN 55092

Previous Reports


Director - Jon Longfellow

December 2014

District 6 Members,

Well trappers, we are in the thick of it right now so I will be brief. We will be having a district meeting on Saturday, December 13th from 10:00 a.m. to noon. The meeting will be at the Carlos Avery WMA offices located at 5463 W Broadway, Forest Lake, MN 55025. I will be sending postcard reminders out again soon. We have requested someone from the MN DNR be on hand to register otter and bobcat (fisher/marten would not apply at that time). That can’t be guaranteed but it’s likely. We had a very good turn out this summer and I hope we can improve on that number this time.

A quick quote from Theodore Roosevelt before I sign off: ~ “Comparison is the thief of Joy”

It’s only natural that we want to measure our results against those around us, on the internet sites or in the magazines. Remember everyone has a different situation, try to be grateful for the trapping season that you have and enjoy it. You only get so many of them.

Be safe,

Co-Director - Drake Jackson

December 2014 - No Report


Co-Director - Gary Nelson

December 2014

Greetings fellow trappers;

Duck hunting was slow, fast and sometimes furious for my two sons, grandson and me this fall.  We bagged 14 ducks and one Canadian goose in a few outings.

Concerning furbearer sign, I noticed what seems to be an unusually high number of road-kill raccoons in the Twin Cities metropolitan area this fall.  The raccoon population appears to be quite healthy in District #6!

I demonstrated the use of zip-tie dog release kits this fall to Jim LaBarre, Wildlife Manager and Marshall Deters, Assistant Wildlife Manager at Carlos Avery Wildlife Management Area.  Jim and Marshall in turn demonstrated the use of the kits to a meeting of wildlife managers at the DNR headquarters in Forest Lake, MN.

I congratulated Peggy Callahan recently at the Wildlife Science Center.  She received the 2014 Minnesota Trappers Association President’s Award. Peggy is founder and director of the Wildlife Science Center and a strong supporter of hunting and trapping.  The WSC is located at the Carlos Avery Wildlife Management Area Headquarters near Forest Lake.

Tom Boser and I represented the Minnesota Trappers Association at the Elk River Sportsman’s Club Youth Day on September 20th.  Over 150 boys and girls participated in shooting sports.  Parents and children were especially interested in our tanned fur, skull, lure and trap display.  We were very well received by parents and children.  The club wants us back next year.  It was a fun day!