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Jon Longfellow
 20733 Glenbrook Ave N
 Forest Lake, MN  55025
 (651) 202-1940

 Drake Jackson
 5237 Idaho Ave N
 Crystal, MN  55428
 (763) 535-3527

Gary Nelson
5061 201st Place NE
Wyoming, MN 55092

Previous Reports


Director - Jon Longfellow

March 2015

Happy New Year Trappers,

At the time of this report we have already held our District 6 meeting at Carlos Avery WMA as well as the general membership winter meeting in Askov.

As a recap of our district meeting my first comment is THANK YOU! We had 27 people present which is a great turn out compared to recent history.  I hope we can continue our momentum and double that number at our next meeting.  I am looking for ideas on a late spring/early summer get together so if anyone has ideas please share them with me. I did put out a challenge to everyone that attended the meeting to bring another member with or a new member next time. A new member would be even better.

If you read Shawn Johnson’s notes in the last newsletter you may know that the MTA Board is taking feedback from the districts based on the following nonresident trapping proposal put forth by District 8:

“We would like to try and have the MTA membership vote on supporting a Non Resident Trapping season with the following restrictions;

1. No Tagged species including Marten, Fisher, Otter and Bobcat

2.Non Resident Beaver Season to close the end of February

3. Non Resident water season to open I week later than residents in each of the 2 Zones.”

The members present at our district meeting voted in favor of supporting such a proposal. The next steps will be to see how the other districts vote. Depending on the outcome of the vote, the issue will move on to a general membership vote at our convention in Bemidji or remain status quo.

I have taken on an action item based on some comments at our meeting. I am looking into how we might approach White Bear Township about regaining some or all of our ability to trap there. If any of you would like to join in this effort please contact me. We want to do this the right way so we will need to have a well thought out plan but all voices are welcome.

Additionally, if any of you ever hear of any potential ordinances that might restrict trapping please let me know as soon as you can. We will help fight any more erosion of our trapping privileges.

And lastly just a heads up to you all, I am going to be calling as many of you as I can over the next month or so. I would like to get your personal feedback on how we can continue to improve as an organization.

Thanks, and please be safe spring beaver trapping.




Co-Director - Drake Jackson

March 2014 - No Report at the Time


Co-Director - Gary Nelson

March 2015

Greetings fellow trappers:

District 6 held a meeting on December 13th in the Conference Room at the Carlos Avery Wildlife Management Headquarters near Forest Lake.  We had a great turnout with 27 members in attendance.  Special thanks to Jim LaBarre, Wildlife Manager, and Marshall Deters, Assistant Wildlife Manager, for making arrangements for District 6 to use their facilities.  Marshall reminded trappers to contact Carlos Avery WMA for a permit if you are interested in trapping on the area.  The DNR has a quota on the number of trapping permits available for Carlos Avery WMA.  Jon Longfellow offered a great suggestion to District 6 members...encourage at least one fellow trapper to join the MTA!

I gave a presentation on furbearers on December 16th to middle school students at Gethsemane Lutheran School near St. Paul.  The students were really interested in the pelt display.  They had great questions and were really receptive to the presentation.  I have the MTA banners, fur board, pelts and literature if anyone would like to use these items for an event.

Out of curiosity, I recently stopped at the Wyoming City Library to see if they had any books on trapping.  I was surprised to find ten books on trapping!  I checked out a book called “Successful Fur Trapping” by Keith Blackwood.

Have a great spring beaver trapping season!

Gary Nelson