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Previous Reports


Director - Jon Longfellow

June 2015


District 6 Members,

By the time this update is printed and in your hands we may be through the process of defending against several challenges to our current trapping privileges. What the exact outcome is we won’t know until we know, but I hope you will allow me some time on the soap box here because a few things have become very evident during this latest event.

Some of these observations are very simple and probably not just a trapping thing. During times of stress, crisis and change you really learn a lot about the character of people. Some will shrink away from the challenge, others will snipe and rumor monger from the sidelines and attempt to pull down those doing something to make progress.  Others thankfully, will step up and offer their help.

The glass half full for me on this recent attack was seeing District 6 members raise their hands and say what can be done? What can I do? I’ve met some new folks in the district and I am thrilled at the engagement and passion that has been stirred.

The empty part of the glass is the quantum leap in cynicism, Monday morning quarterbacking and ego driven internet garbage. Too bad all the folks with enough time to camp out in front of a computer screen and invent “facts” couldn’t lend a hand. Clearly there are several geniuses out there that have the answers we need.

The reality is that we will survive this as trappers it may mean change but we can adapt.

I want everyone to be confident that the MTA has been working diligently to put down these legislative challenges. We are not represented significantly enough in the outdoor user groups demographic to simply steam roll any legislator or DNR office into seeing things “our way”. We must act collaboratively with other groups and build relationships and trust. This is important so that when we are in a situation like this again, And we will be, that we have partners not adversaries.

Dealing with the government and lawmakers is complex and not always black and white. Putting our exact strategy out for public review while in the heat of the battle simply is not a good idea most of the time. This may appear as if there is secrecy or worse inactivity around these issues. I promise you neither of these is the case.

Having said this I think we do have a need to increase our ability to drive communication electronically. I will be bringing this up at the next board meeting. Based on some resent suggestions that I received it might be a good idea to see what can be done about creating an email messaging system

Please note that duty times and assignments have been posted for our 2015 convention. We had a great turn out last year and I hope for the same this year.

Spring Beaver trapping should be rolling for those that care to get after it this year. Enjoy yourselves and most of all be safe.

Please reach out for me any time with any issue related to the MTA.

I am your representative to the MTA. We need your participation and feedback if we truly want to reflect the will of the membership.



Co-Director - Gary Nelson

June 2015

Greetings Fellow Trappers;

I trapped mostly nuisance beaver this spring.  The local golf course in East Bethel let me use a golf cart to drive right up to my sets!  Nothing beats golf course beaver trapping!  The golf course was losing many of their paper birch trees to hungry beavers. 

Although fur prices are down, many of us die-hard trappers will continue trapping this fall and winter.  Just a reminder to be cautious about making coon sets with body grippers in cubbies.  If you think there might be a dog at a nearby residence where you are trapping, avoid the temptation to make a body gripper set.  This is especially true for trappers in District 6 where we are often trapping on the fringes of densely populated urban and suburban areas.  If you must make a set in such an area consider the use of dog-proof traps or live traps.  Avoid making body gripper sets near designated hunter parking areas on State Wildlife Management Areas.

I am looking forward to the summer convention in Bemidji.  I hope you all have an enjoyable and safe summer season.

Gary Nelson