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Previous Reports



Director - Jerry Larsen

March 2014

Hello Trappers,

Well let’s start with some good news. Shannon Cohrs and I attended the state convention of pheasants Forever. We were well received by them. They are very interested in how we can work together as users of the outdoor resources and squash those who would like to take our hunting, trapping, and fishing rights away. I was very impressed with their reception and interest in trapping. The zip ties were a huge hit. Between the interest and zip ties, many chapters are eager to have the MTA come and talk at their banquets. If anyone can help out by attending these banquets and hand out zip tie kits and educate the hunters a little about trapping and the benefits of it.  That would be awesome, and they will feed you as well. The counties I know of in District 5 that have requested or have interests are these: Kandiyohi, Chippewa, Meeker, McLeod, Stearns, Swift, Big Stone, Wright, Douglas. Yes, trappers this is a BIG deal. Now is the time to work together, educate, and build a bond with a large group of outdoor people. On a related subject, so far no new legislation dealing with bodygrippers on land. Good news, but let’s continue with our push of zip-ties, be mindful of trap placement around public areas etc. Our district meeting at Johnson Fur went well. Fur market seems to up in air, but it's a wait and see type of thing. I can personally say that my catch was way down, and it sounds like many guys are in the same boat. There is a very large concern about rat populations as well as coon. Hopefully, there is an answer. A member asked me to put in this report the importance of covering up rat huts when done trapping in them. Make sure to seal them up properly. We are stewards of the resources. Please respect the resources.

Well that’s all I got. If you can help out in any county banquets please let Pete, Dave or myself know. Hope your fur sheds and homes are staying warm and safe. Hopefully spring comes soon. Remember to show somebody our great heritage, and be proud you are a trapper.

Stay safe and God Bless,



Co - Director - Pete Jonas

March 2014

Hello everyone,

We had our District 5 winter/spring meeting on Saturday, February 1st at Johnson Fur in Willmar.  There was a very good turnout again.  I want to thank everyone that attended and Scott Johnson and crew for the lunch and for allowing us to have our meeting at his place.

I also want to thank Minnesota Trapline Products and Leon and Denise Windschitl for donating to our drawing.

Please keep the family of Bill Schmidtke in your thoughts and prayers. He was a past director for district 5 and he passed away on January 20th.  Bill and his wife donated many raccoon hats over the years to our district meetings for the kids drawing.

The MTA is looking at having field training in September every year, state wide for all the districts.  I know September has always worked out well for us. Jerry has done in-field training during trapping season also, but ideally it would be better to be done with it before trapping starts.  I have gotten calls the day before trapping season starts or  the day after you had a  field training class.

Jerry, Dave and I will be attending Pheasants Forever Banquets this spring in counties in District 5.  We will have zip tie kits and will be showing how to remove dogs from traps using this kit, displaying tanned fur, handing out brochures and newsletters, and answering any questions on trapping.  If anyone is interested in helping us out, let Jerry, Dave or me know.  We would like at least 2 to 3 people at each event.

Take care,


Co-Director - Dave Curtis

March 2014

Howdy Members,

Just got back from our meeting  at Johnson Fur in Willmar.  There were about 75-80 people in attendance. Scott talked about the fur market and said that most fur will be OK, but do not get spoiled by last years prices. He said the large raccoon will sell well, but the small raccoon, the market could be a little tougher. He thought fox and coyotes should do well.

I brought a couple of get well cards for all to sign and sent them to Dave D'Aigle. The big guy has had a string of bad luck lately and everyone wishes him the best.

Jerry and Shannon attended the state Pheasants Forever Banquet in Granite Falls and the MTA was very well received. There was  a lot of support for  the zip-tie releases that we are offering. Jerry mentioned that Shannon did an excellent demo on how to use these packets of zip-ties by putting a 220 on his arm, and released it. It sounds like the PF delegation was very happy with our efforts to explain, and accepted, our trapping practices. We now have a lot of PF banquets to attend so we may need some help in representing the MTA at these events and handing out zip-ties.

The PF Association. said that they know how important it is to trap and keep these 220’s available to maintain a healthy pheasant population.

I would like to thank my wife Sue for helping me put together 250 zip-tie packets.

The Legal Defense Banquet is over, and I would like to thank Buzz and his helpers for putting on a great event. Also a big thanks to all that attended to make it a great fund raiser. One more thank you to Rob for keeping the show moving along and being the MC.

Other than waiting to see how the auction houses are going to do with our furs at he next auction, I guess the next thing in order is the fall convention in 2014 MTA Convention – Barnum MN.

Take care and God Bless,

Dave Curtis