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 Jerry Larsen
 28026 MN Hwy 4
 Grove City, MN  56243
 (320) 444-8398

Pete Jonas
 PO Box 51
 6815 Redwood Ave NW
South Haven, MN  55382

 Dave Curtis
26355 Cty Rd 139
St. Cloud, MN 56301
 (320) 363-7916
(320) 493-0403

Previous Reports



Director - Jerry Larsen

June 2015

Hello Trappers,

It's been a funny spring. Hot for a day or two, then cold. But warmer days will come.  Thankfully, there hasn't been much too report on the legislative side, but please, don't think for one minute the animal haters aren't at work. They are spreading their lies and propaganda all the time. Please keep in touch with your legislatures. Letting them know that they should leave the trapping laws alone, takes little of your time and goes a long way.  During the last board meeting Brad W. and Jon L. brought up some very good ideas of the need to start showing up and showing off at occasions such as the MOHA banquets. We as trappers need to start getting together and showing off our heritage; educating young and old. We need to show them how deceiving the Humane Society and PETA are. Better yet show them the truth and benefits of trapping, taking kids and showing the cool things about trapping.

There will be a very good convention coming up. Please come and enjoy yourselves and get some stuff before the season, and take in some very good demos. Brian F. has got  beginner demos going on and set up for those starting out. Brian Clausen has been working very hard on putting some good information pamphlets and papers to try and get the word out.

This is an election year and once again I am running to represent you as president. It would be an honor and privilege to be your president. So if you have questions about something, please call or send an email. I think I' m pretty straight forward and open to what the MTA wants and needs. I believe if we as an organization don’t come together with better and quicker ways to move on issues, our future will be dim. We have great people and great minds in the MTA. It is time we start using them from North to South, East to West. Please take the time and vote. Even if you don't vote for me, please vote, it does matter.

 District 5 will be having a field instruction day in September in Kimball. Please look at the website for details. The markets do look a little stale right now. But we have endured this type of thing many times in the past. Keep at it and we will see better days.

Please help out at the convention. Many hands make quick work. You will meet a lot of great people, have fun helping out and be greatly appreciated. Well enough of my ramblings. Have a great summer and see you at the convention. Again any questions send me an email or give a shout.

God Bless,




Co - Director - Pete Jonas

June 2015

Hello everyone,

District 5 is having our fall field training day on Sunday, September 13th at the Kimball Rod and Gun Club from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Please call Jerry, Dave or me to sign up.  This is the only class we are having.

I still need people to do water demos at our summer convention in Bemidji, on Friday, August 14th and Saturday, August 15th.  If you would like to do a demo, please call me at (320) 236-2410 and leave a message.

This is an election year, we will be voting at the convention for President and Vice President. The first district meetings after the convention will be elections for Directors and Co-Directors.  We will be having our Fall meeting in September again for District 5.

Take care,



Co-Director - Dave Curtis

June 2015

No Report At This Time