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Dave Curtis
26335 County Rd 139
St. Cloud, MN 56301
(320) 493-0403

Pete Jonas
 PO Box 51
 6815 Redwood Ave NW
South Haven, MN  55382

Jeremy Eickhoff
126 2nd St SW
Melrose, MN 56352
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Director - Dave Curtis
No Report At This Time


Co-Director - Pete Jonas

September - 2017

Hello everyone,

Well another convention is behind us.  I want to thank all the volunteers that helped out from Wednesday to Sunday to make this convention successful.

Congratulations to Todd and Dewey for stepping up and running for president and vice-president.  I know they will do a good job along with the board of directors to continue to make the right decisions to help us all keep our trapping rights.

By the time this report is out, it will be the start of another trapping season.  I am really looking forward to this season, even with the low fur prices.

Take care,


Co-Director - Jeremy Eickhoff

September - 2017

Hello everyone!

First, I would like to congratulate our new officers, President Roggenkamp and Vice President Schmitz!  Also I would like to thank Brad and Steve for running as well. All of these men care a great deal for preserving and protecting our right to trap. 

Next, I want to thank all of the volunteers who helped out at the convention! It is amazing how much work goes into setting everything up, keeping things running smoothly, and lastly, taking it all back down. Without your help, it wouldn't happen. I am very fortunate to have a chance to know a lot of you fine people better.  Again, I sincerely thank every last one of you! I hope you all enjoyed the convention! I know that I had a great time, maybe a little too much fun!

We haven't nailed down an exact day or place for our district fall meeting yet. We will send out a notification in the mail when it is set. Also check the MTA website for the date in the upcoming weeks.  This is an important meeting as we will be electing our district director and co-director(s). If you would like to be on the board of directors for a couple years, this is the time. I would love to remain a part of the MTA Board if you see me fit to put me back in this position. Otherwise you can nominate another candidate at the meeting. If we have more than one director nominated, we will have a vote, and if more than two co-directors are nominated, a vote will take place as well. The district membership decides who represents them! 

Congratulations to district 5! We donated the most fur this year towards the Tanned Fur Project! Thank you to everyone who donated! These low fur prices are no reason to stop trapping, but it might make it a little easier to part ways with your hard earned fur to an exceptional cause! Thank you Mr. Caven and your crew!

We will be having a trapper education field day on September 17, from 11 am till 4 pm at the Kimball Rod and Gun Club. Anyone attending must have their online course completed. If you have any questions or want to register, call Pete, Artie, or me. Our phone numbers are located on one of the front pages of the newsletter, or on the website. If you know any youngsters who need certification, please point them, or their parents, in our direction!

Lastly, I just want to say thank you to everyone who continues to support the Minnesota Trappers Association!  It has been a bumpy road the past year but we are working hard to proceed in a positive, impactful manner. Protecting and preserving trapping for us all! On that note, don't forget to get your sustaining donor patch. It is $25, and can be obtained by contacting Mitzi, our membership coordinator. She would love to send one your way. All proceeds this year are dedicated to the Tanned Fur Project. And thanks to Top Lot Stretcher Co. for donating the beautiful patches, all proceeds are 100% MTA's!

God bless,