Minnesota Trappers Association
 District 4



 Buzz Neprud
 221 2nd St NW
 Crosby, MN  56441
 (218) 851-5989

 Tom Boser
 29041 73rd St
 Pierz, MN  56364
 (320) 290-4149

Previous Reports



Director - Buzz Neprud

March 2014

Greetings District 4

By the time you read this most all seasons will be over, hopefully we will have a little open water for beaver before it too closes.

We will be having our spring meeting at the Page Town Hall by Milaca on March 8th.  Doors will open at 9:00, meeting at 10:00.  Same place as last year. We have a supply of the zip tie body gripper release kits available, if you have an event in your area that you think could use them, DU, Pheasants Forever, Youth Days, etc., let me know and we will get them to you. There is a large need for people in our area to do trapper certification classes.  If you can help, contact Shawn and we can get them on our website. Our 4th Legal Defense Banquet was a huge success.  Thank you to all that attended and to all that donated.  Tickets to our 5th will be available at our summer convention Friday morning at 9:00. The Summer Convention will be in Barnum, August 1-3.  Among all the activities, we will be assembling marten nest boxes under the watchful eye of Frank Brula and he needs fully charged cordless drills for the kids to use.  So, if you can, bring one!

Also, we lost long time members, Richard Huhta from Cromwell, and Bill Schmidlke of Grey Eagle, past MTA Director of District 5.  Please keep their families in your thoughts. Till next time,



Co-Director - Tom Boser

March 2014

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone has had a safe and successful season so far. To start, I'd like to back up a little, and introduce myself. I'm from Pierz, married, and have one son. I grew up here on a small dairy farm and went to school in Royalton. I now work as a mechanic in Becker at a small farm repair shop.  I would like to say thank you district four for choosing me to be your Co director, and I'm honored to accept the position. I will work as hard as I can for you, and if there is anything I can do, feel free to call. Recently we had the chance to represent ourselves at a Pheasants Forever Banquet. We had a couple individuals there , and they did a great job putting a positive foot forward for the MTA, so the next time you see Shannon Cohrs and Jerry Larsen, shake their hands and say thanks.

The Legal Defense Banquet looked like it was well attended. The food was great and had lots of prizes. Thanks to Buzz and the crew for a great night and I can't wait till next year. If you were able to come, thanks for your support, and if not be sure to get tickets for next year as it is a good time. We will be having our district meeting March 8 at Page Township Hall, same place as last year. Doors open at 9 meeting at 10. Stop by for the latest news and say Hi. I look forward to meeting you all and working with Buzz, so hope to see you there.

Thanks, Tom