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Director - Buzz Neprud

December 2014

Greetings District!

Is there a more beautiful month than October? Everyone is out in the woods getting fired up for upcoming seasons, and even though the prices look to be poor, go ahead and enjoy yourselves.

We had our fall meeting October 15th at Wealthwood Rod and Gun Club.  Many of our regular members attended and we signed up some new ones.  Some of the items discussed were: Winter Meeting at Central High School on January 3rd, the Legal Defense Banquet on January 3rd at Askov Community Building and the Summer Convention next August 14-16 in Bemidji.

There was discussion about the anti-trapping bills coming out. First, to do away with wolf trapping, second, a big push to do away with snaring and then the always problem with body gripping.

Seasons – If beaver season is extended, the same parameters as last year will be in effect.  Fisher and marten season will be the same, but the numbers for the future don’t look good.  No dogs have been taken in body grippers since the 7” overhang but still be careful where you set them.

The trappers’ survey final draft will be out by November 24th.  It will be posted on the DNR website.

Brian Clausen is looking for a list of all sporting organizations and clubs for a mailing list.  If you can,  get me a list of all in our district I will pass it on.

New Business: 1) It was asked if the north-south boundary could be moved south to Highway 210 instead of 200.  Everybody was in favor. 2) The only other item was a request from District 8.  It was brought to our state meeting and asked to be brought to all districts.  The issue was would you support non-resident trapping with the following conditions. A) No marten, fisher, otter, bobcat. B) No spring beaver. C) one week later start for water opener.  After much discussion, their proposal was voted down.

It’s the day after the election and there is good news in our district. Dale Lueck won.  He is a life member of our association. John Ward, House 10A, lost.  He was the author of conibear bills.

That’s about it.  Hope you have a safe season and good luck.  From my family to yours have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Till next time,


Co-Director - Tom Boser

December 2014

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