Minnesota Trappers Association
 District 4



Behrant Miller
 25698 Virgo St
 Stacy, MN  55079
 (763) 607-5034

 Tom Boser
 29041 73rd St
 Pierz, MN  56364
 (320) 290-4149

Director - Behrant Miller

December - 2017

Hello Everyone!  My name is Behrant Miller.  Many of you know who I am, but there are many more that have never heard my name-let alone know about me!  I am based out of Stacy, Minnesota, in the southeast corner of Isanti County.  I spend time throughout the year at my parent’s cabin in Aitkin.  I spent my school years planning big trap lines for all the critters that are trappable in all states. Some of those trap lines have become a reality and many still are being planned for years down the road. Nowadays, my trapping ventures consist of muskrats in the fall and beaver from fall through spring.  My favorite thing about trapping is trying to make my line as efficient as it can be to produce as much fur as my line will let me.  I find it very enjoyable to make a plan, work that plan, face the struggles tossed my way, put the fur up, and stand back when it is all said and done.

Since I was 15, I have been in the masonry trade-specifically commercial brick and block work.  I started tending in the summers between school years, and went back to it full time after I graduated.  I finally started laying the material full time at the age of 19.  Being interested in trapping growing up, I always found interest in the state of Alaska.  I aspired to drive up there and work on fishing boats, processing fish, to make money to fund my trap lines.  Last year after having thought about it for many years, I finally flew up to Anchorage.  I hitchhiked to Homer and landed a job drift netting and processing salmon.  I came back to Minnesota to continue my brick and block laying apprenticeship.  This past May, I spent more time in Alaska.  This time, my journey took me to the bush village of St Mary’s.  I searched for moose antlers on the Yukon River delta, and did well on that venture.  My goal was to purse seine salmon all summer with the fellow I worked for.  After my short time spent in the bush, I realized Minnesota was my home and it is where I am meant to be.  I am now working on learning the masonry trade with aspirations to open my own business down the road, as well as open several other businesses I have in mind.

I first joined the Minnesota Trappers Association in 2009, after completing the Trappers Education Course. I attended my first convention in 2010 in Barnum.  In 2012, at the Nationals in Owatonna, I helped with setting up. Throughout the following years, I made sure to show up as early as I could at the conventions and work the best I could to help out wherever I was needed.  Within the past year, the MTA has been receiving a negative spotlight.  I realized that rather than sitting around listening to it, it was time to finally try and emit change within the association to the best of my ability.  I attended two board meetings, and the MOHA Banquet to get a feel for the atmosphere, and see if I wanted to become a part of it.  At the recent District 4 membership meeting at the Wealthwood Rod and Gun Club, I was nominated for the Director position, and willingly accepted. I am looking forward to the next few years being your Director and working with Tom Boser.  I am also looking forward to working with the other board members, as well as the members of District 4, to get things done  to increase participation and promote trapping.

I would like to thank Buzz for his years of service as the District 4 Director.  As long as I have been involved with the MTA, Buzz has been there willing to help me with whatever questions I had for him at the conventions and am excited to have his assistance putting on the summer convention this following year. If anyone needs to get in contact with me, my phone number is 763-607-5034, and my email is happersilderness@gmail.com.



Co-Director - Tom Boser

December - 2017

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