Minnesota Trappers Association
 District 4



 Buzz Neprud
 221 2nd St NW
 Crosby, MN  56441
 (218) 851-5989

 Tom Boser
 29041 73rd St
 Pierz, MN  56364
 (320) 290-4149

Previous Reports



Director - Buzz Neprud

June 2015

Greetings District 4,

The fur season is over and even though the numbers were great, the prices were not.  I am already getting calls for control work. On a side note, thanks goes out to all of you that responded to my calls to help individuals in our District where there were problems. Ninety per cent of them call me back and tell me how professional you were and what a good job you did.  Thank you so much.

We had our spring meeting at the Paige Town Hall with around thirty people attending.  We talked about the non-resident proposal.  It was passed by the Board  7-2 with District 4 and one other voting against.  It will be brought to the membership for vote at our winter meeting.

It was suggested that we do not inform the membership fast enough for some issues.   Steve Pahlen District 2 member and Jon Longfellow District 6 Director are going to try to bring a plan to the board for approval.

The Anti’s are at it again.  They are suing Maine and Federal Fish & Game over Lynx.  We voted as a board to intervene if necessary.

If anyone would like to help work the MEA convention October 15th, please give me a call.  Summer convention was discussed, and is being held August 14-16 in Bemidji.  Our duties are booth on Friday from 8:00am-11:00am, ball toss on Friday from 1:30-3:00pm and front gate on Saturday from 7:00-11:00am.  If you can help it would be great.  See you there.

Many thanks goes out to Tina Jonas for providing snacks for meeting, and for raffle prizes donated by McKenze Stellmach, Gerald Stellmach, Dennis Sowada, Tim Bauer and Lloyd Baakkonen. Lloyd also donated a red fox for the tanned fur project.      

Other upcoming events include the Lake Shore Rod and Gun Club Youth Day on June 6th.  If anyone needs release kits, let me or Tom know and we will get them to you.

Till next time,



Co-Director - Tom Boser

June 2015

Greetings all,

I hope all is well with everyone. Despite the market, I hope that spring beaver trapping was successful for whoever participated. I actually got a little in myself.  It is always fun getting my son out there with me. The summer convention is approaching fast so if you're planning on attending make the necessary reservations. Sell heaps of those raffle tickets and help out if you can at the convention. If you have any fur lying around don't forget about the tan fur project. They can always use more fur.

Until next time take care.