Minnesota Trappers Association 
District 3



 Duane "Dewey" Schmitz
 63539 - 340th St
 Wadena, MN 56482
 (218) 631-4988

  Larry Anderson
1232 257th Ave
Wendell, MN  56590
218) 770-7800

Previous Reports



Director - Dewey Schmitz

June 2015

Our Spring Meeting was held in Audubon on March 20th.  It was well attended, and good discussions took place on many topics. I want to thank Mary Ryhti and Josh Campbell and his family for help in setting up our meeting and for the delicious treats served. We also had a very successful raffle, many thanks to those who donated.   District 3 voted in favor of the Nonresident Trapping Proposal.

A special thanks goes out to the following:

 1. All members and C/Os who have donated to the Tanned Fur Project.

 2. Gary Leistico for all of his time and effort that he has spent at the capital.  His support truly benefits all trappers.

 3. Tom Hoffman for re-donating the Door Prize he received at our Spring Meeting.

This year’s Summer Annual Convention will be held in Bemidji on August 14-16th.  Our District will have the following duties:

Friday, 14th:

·  Front Gate on Friday from 7:00 a.m.- 11:00 a.m.

Saturday, 15th:

·   MTA Booth on Saturday from 11:00 a.m. –2:00p.m.

Try to find an hour or so to help out.  The more hands the lighter the load for everyone. We will also have a short District 3 Meeting at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday morning, the location will be announced at the MTA booth.

This is an election year so be sure to take a moment to vote.  You will be able to vote either by mail in ballot, or at the convention.  Instructions for voting are elsewhere in this letter.

Trapping is constantly under attack by antis, we as trappers and as an organization need to stick together. While it is good to have different ideas and ways to accomplish things, it is more important to remember that we all stand for the same ideals. We should all promote the MTA and sign up new members at every chance.

Our enemies are always looking for ways to divide and conquer.

Hope to see you all at the convention.



Co Director Larry Anderson

June 2015

Hello everyone,

I am sure you are all aware the summer convention is August 14-16 at the Beltrami County Fair Ground near Bemidji. We need volunteers to help District 3 take care of our part. The duties fall on a small number of people if we are short of help. The annual meeting is on Saturday and we will be voting on a number of important subjects so please attend. This is your chance to be heard. With the low fur prices our membership usually declines so make sure you renew yours and maybe sign up a trapper friend or neighbor if you can.

Fair time is coming up fast so please consider having a booth or helping someone else that has one. There are other people that will supply you with information, materials or banners, just ask. I attended the spring directors meeting where we got an update from Gary Leistico on legislative issues that can affect us in this year’s congress. Guys and gals this man is very good at what he does for us. Please tell him thanks when you see him. We all need to get involved with contacting our senators and representatives.

If you need help with a trappers education class or field day let me or another MTA director know. All the phone numbers or email addresses are on the first page of the MTA newsletter. Hope to see you at the summer convention in Bemidji.