Minnesota Trappers Association 
District 3



 Duane "Dewey" Schmitz
 63539 - 340th St
 Wadena, MN 56482
 (218) 631-4988

  Larry Anderson
1232 257th Ave
Wendell, MN  56590
218) 770-7800

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Director - Dewey Schmitz

December 2015 - No Report


Co Director Larry Anderson

December 2015

Hi everyone,

Well it’s finally trapping season. Hope you have fun and stay safe out there.  Also remember to keep it legal.

We had a fall board of directors meeting on the 3rd of October and our District 3 fall meeting at Wadena on the 10th of October. There was a fair turnout for being a busy time of the year. Dewey and I have the pleasure of being elected director and co-director for another term. Thanks, we will do our best to work for you and the MTA. We ask and welcome your suggestions and comments.

We are considering bringing back the Wild Game Feed for the 2016 convention. I would like to hear from you on this idea and other ideas for the convention.

 I had only 3 students at my fall field day. I hope this is not a sign of things to come.

If you get the time give Rollie a call.  I know he would like to hear from you.

Consider having a booth or table at your local Pheasants Forever or a D.U. Banquet. It is a great way to explain the benefits of trapping for their sport and also what to do if their dog finds a body grip trap. While there, pass out some Zip Tie Kits.

It sounds like the fur check will be small so think about the tanned fur project.

I have had a few people volunteer to help with next summer’s convention but will need many more as it gets closer to the August convention.

Wishing everyone a great trapping season.

Until next time,