Minnesota Trappers Association 
District 3




 Duane "Dewey" Schmitz
 63539 - 340th St
 Wadena, MN 56482
 (218) 631-4988

 Roland "Rollie" Aho
405 W Laurel
 Fergus Falls, MN  56537
 (218) 736-5534

  Larry Anderson
1232 257th Ave
Wendell, MN  56590
218) 770-7800

Previous Reports



Director - Dewey Schmitz

December 2014

Greetings Trappers!

Trapping season is upon us, let’s get out and enjoy our passion but be mindful of others in the outdoors. Be careful how and where we trap. If we see an illegal set or a set in an unadvisable location, contact that trapper or your local Conservation Officer. One incident can negatively reflect on us all.

District 8 has brought a Non-Resident Trapping proposal to us with the following restrictions:

1. No tagged species including marten, fisher, otter and bobcat
2. Non-Resident beaver season to close at the end of February
3. Non-Resident water season to open one week later than residents in each of the two zones

We will be discussing this proposal and polling our members during our District 3 spring meeting.

The Winter Meeting will be held on January 3, 2015 at the East Central School in Askov.  The doors will open at 8:00 a.m.

Just a quick reminder that the MTA website is a great resource for information ~


Enjoy the Season,



Co Director - Rolland "Rollie" Aho

December 2014 - No Report


 Co Director Larry Anderson

December 2014

The District 3 fall meeting was held October 4th at Dusty’s Fur shed at Downer, Minnesota. Thank you Dusty for allowing us to meet at your place and for the delicious hog roast. Rollie and I conducted the meeting, there were sixteen members present.  The main discussion was on non- resident trapping and raising the limit for fisher and otter. Time was also spent on the proper and careful use of 220 conibears. Approximately two dozen dog release zip-tie kits were given to those that requested them. Butch and I had a Trapper Education Field Day the morning of October 4th, six students attended. The youth were very attentive, asked many questions and wanted to learn. It was  fun to work with those young people. I think they will be good trappers. I wasn’t able to attend the fall board of directors meeting because of my elk hunting trip, see Dewey’s report for those details. Trapping season is here and it is going to get busy.

Be careful out there,