Minnesota Trappers Association
 District 2



Steve Pahlen
P.O. Box 72

Plummer, MN  56748
(612) 269-1164

 Dan Swedberg
 25642 Brooks Rd NE
 Blackduck, MN  56630
 (218) 835-7188




Co-Director - Steve Pahlen

December - 2017

Greetings District 2. 

Let me introduce myself as the new director for District 2.  Dallas decided it was time for him to step down and I was elected to fill his position.  I have the utmost respect for Dallas and his shoes will be hard to fill.  It was an honor and a privilege to work alongside him the last two years.  He's been in office for quite some time and I hate to think of how many miles he's driven to serve the trappers of this state during his tenure, seeing as he lives a stone's throw from the Canadian border. A ‘close’ convention for him was still 3 hours away.  Dan volunteered for another term for co-director so the district should still be in good hands.

There has been some turnover at the board level and I like to say thank you to Leon, Shannon, Pete, Artie, Buzz, and Jerry for the work and effort they have put forth.  I'd also like to say congratulations to the new president, directors and co-directors, I look forward to working with you to maintain and advance our trapping opportunities.

The winter meeting and Legal Defense Fund Banquet are coming up and I hope to see many familiar faces there.  If you haven't attended one of these events in the past I highly recommend it. The banquet is a blast and for a good cause.  It is going to take funds to keep trapping a viable pursuit.

Our fall meeting at Dallas's house was well attended, there was good food and great company.  We managed to raise some money through an auction and passed the hat.   We'll have a spring meeting again this year, most likely in Plummer again.  Keep your eyes and ears open for a date and time.  I'll be sending out postcards prior to the meeting.

Legislatively it's too early to tell what kind of challenges we will face this session but it will be a busy one.  My understanding is session reconvenes on February 20th in 2018.  Things move fast so be ready to make some calls and write some letters.  Every little bit helps even though it doesn't seem like it sometimes.  If you have an email address please let me know what it is.  I like to email and keep the constituents up to par with what is happening or if not give me a call, I'll list my info at the end of this report.

I'll end this long winded report by saying the association belongs to the membership.  If you have concerns or ideas don't be afraid to get in touch with me.  My number is 612 269 1167 and my email address is srpahlen@gmail.com.

Regards, Steven


Co-Director - Dan Swedberg

December - 2017

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