Minnesota Trappers Association
 District 2




 Dallas Erickson
 32532 - 210th Ave
 Greenbush, MN  56726
 (218) 782-2711

 Dan Swedberg
 25642 Brooks Rd NE
 Blackduck, MN  56630
 (218) 835-56630

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Director - Dallas Erickson

June 2014

It looks like spring is slowly, and I mean slowly coming. The thermometer moves up one day and the next day it’s snowing.  In our neck of the woods the beaver seem to have disappeared, there are very few around anymore.

It may seem early but the convention will soon be here, so be ready to attend.  District 1 is hosting it at Barnum, August 1-3, 2014. Our district has gate duty Friday at 10:45-3:00 and the souvenir booth on Saturday 8:00-11:00 and the ball toss on Saturday   12:00-1:30.

Dennis Kinkead, a District 2 MTA member made a setter for the MB 650 and sold them at the conventions for a few years.  He has made a better one now and is willing to trade it if you bring back the older one.  If you have any questions about this give him a call at 218-843-2533.

I’m not going to try and explain the move from TPC to the Trappers Post but if anyone has any questions call Mitzi Heavirland at 218-327-8096 and she will explain.

I will be having the MTA Booth at the Roseau County Fair this year July 22-25 and help would be appreciated in the evenings 4:30 till closing.

Remember the Tanned Fur Project. They are still in need of fur.

Keep selling those raffle tickets.

Have a great summer.....

God Bless,



Co-Director - Dan Swedberg

June 2014 - No Report