Minnesota Trappers Association
 District 2




 Dallas Erickson
 32532 - 210th Ave
 Greenbush, MN  56726
 (218) 782-2711

 Dan Swedberg
 25642 Brooks Rd NE
 Blackduck, MN  56630
 (218) 835-7188

  Steve Pahlen
 P.O. Box 72
Plummer, MN  56748

 (612) 269-1167

Previous Reports




Director - Dallas Erickson

June 2016

Trapping season is about done for another year and it is now time to check the equipment and get it ready for fall.

Since the spring meeting we now have a new secretary. Brianna Jonas .  Prior to that Dave Curtis took on the job of treasurer. Thank you both for stepping forward.

The summer convention is at the Ottertail County Fairgrounds in Ferguson Falls August 11 - 13.  This year we are starting on Thursday at noon and it ends on Saturday evening.

District Two Schedule:

Thursday - 1:00 - 5:00 - MTA Booth

Friday - 12:00 - 5:00 - Front Gate

Saturday - 12:00 - 1:30 - Ball Toss

Any help with any of these shifts would be appreciated.

I will again have a booth at the Roseau County Fair on July 19-22.  Anyone who would like to help in the late afternoon and evening just show up.  Would really appreciate the help!

Keep selling raffle tickets, enjoy some summer fishing and other family outings.
Hope to see you at the summer convention.

Be safe and God Bless.



Co-Director - Dan Swedberg

June 2016

No Report At This Time

Co-Director - Steve Pahlen

June 2016

No Report At This Time