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Director - Dallas Erickson

March 2014

We are now in a new year and another trapping season has come and gone. It looks like we’re having a good old fashioned winter, cold and snowy.  Everyone should have sold their fur by now and it sounds like the checks should be pretty good.

I was at the Winter Meet in Askov on January 4th.  It was fairly well attended even though the weather was cold and nasty.  The Legal Defense Banquet held that evening was sold out and as always everyone had a good time.  Thanks Buzz and the rest of the committee. Great job done again.

The body gripper (conibear) still isn’t out of the woods yet, but the MTA is still working to help the situation.  A District 8 member came up with some zip tie kits with instructions on how to remove a body grip trap from pets etc.  These kits are being put together and distributed to organizations like Pheasants Forever and others. They’re going over very well.  I do have some and anyone that would like some can get in contact with me.

When you use body grippers use common sense , it is better to skip a set then to take a chance on catching a domestic animal.  Be careful and play it smart.

The 2014 Summer Convention will be in Barnum August 1-3 and hosted by Dist. 1.  The raffle tickets are out so if you would like some more to sell get in touch with Gary Meis at 320-838-1570.  The prizes are great as usual and the price is right so  let’s sell those tickets!!

If anyone has fur for the Tanned Fur Project get it to me and I’ll get it to Tim Caven.

Have a good winter, stay warm and be safe.

God Bless,



Co-Director - Dan Swedberg

March 2014 - No Report