Minnesota Trappers Association
District 1




 Bert Highland
 1861 Brimson Rd
 Brimson, MN  55602
 (218) 848-2383

 Frank Brula
 PO Box 358
 Babbitt, MN  55706
 (218) 827-2638

 Mike Peterson
 1256 Floodwood Rd
 Floodwood, MN  55736

 Previous District Reports

Director - Bert Highland

March 2014

Hello District 1 Trappers,

Hopefully by the time you're reading this article temperatures will be normal or above. What a winter so far, this global warming stuff doesn't seem to be working out real good at all!  If it keeps up like it is I'm afraid the deer herd,  at least in  the northern part of the state will not fare too well. Probably bucks only in most areas and rightly so.

We'll be building marten nesting boxes again if it ever warms up. Frank will be bringing 40 kits to the convention in Barnum and will put on a nesting box building class for the kids. Parents and fellow members if you can borrow Frank a few cordless drills that are fully charged it will be greatly appreciated. The class should be a lot of fun for all involved. Also what we are greatly in need of is volunteers to put the nesting boxes out. Hunting properties, cabins, and any state land other than parks and SNA's are all good places.  Contact me or Frank and we'll get you the boxes.

Our spring meeting will be February 22 in Cotton. We'll be discussing the upcoming convention, marten nesting boxes, John Erb will speak and answer questions on our registered furbearers, and any thing else that is on your minds. My wife and I will again be manning n MTA booth at the International Falls Sportsmen's Expo March 28 & 29. I believe this is our 4th year at this event. It draws a large crowd and our display is always a hit.

With all the snow we have it should make for a decent run-off and hopefully a good spring beaver season. Here's wishing you all good luck. Take care and above all be safe.




Co-Director - Frank Brula

March 2014


As usual, we had another great winter meeting in Askov.  The cold weather did not stop the fur buyers or trappers from attending. Buzz and "company" put on another fantastic Legal Defense Fund Banquet again.  I hope everyone’ s fur sales were or will be profitable so we can "reload"  our coffers for next year's banquet.

The fisher/marten season was "naturally" shortened by snow and cold making the "going" more difficult than usual.  Even the bobcats movements seemed stop and go throughout the season. This winter is grinding away slowly both for the animals and for us "old" trappers.  The only "good" part of the cold weather is that it gives us a chance to work on traps, snares, and equipment in a warm garage. Because of this brutal winter, the wood pile is going down at a very fast pace!

Under-ice beaver trapping is on hold until the weather warms (hopefully). Spring beaver season should be right around the corner.

The zip-tie concept seems to be working very well and our district has five hundred kits ready to go.

At the convention in Barnum we will be assisting the youth in assembling approximately forty pine marten nesting boxes. We will need volunteers with "charged" drills to assist the young people with this project. These boxes will be given away at the convention along with directions for placement, etc.  We will also be putting together another fifty (50) plus boxes at "Big Mike's" in late-February or March for distribution to individuals to put out.

Trap 'til I die,



Co-Director - Mike Peterson

March 2014

Hi Everyone!

I hope you all had a blessed Christmas.  There was no doubt it would be a white one!  My neck of the woods got 28 inches of the white stuff the first few days of December, with more snow and many days of very cold weather being the trend since.  With very deep snow and slush on the lakes travel was difficult at best.  This made trapping, fishing and late season hunts a greater challenge.

Both the winter meeting and the legal defense banquet were well attended in spite of the less than ideal weather.

Our district spring meeting is February 22, so it will be history before the newsletter is out. 

I look forward to seeing you at the convention in Barnum this summer.  Remember - many workers help make a great convention.

Trap with Sisu!