Minnesota Trappers Association
District 1




 Bert Highland
 1861 Brimson Rd
 Brimson, MN  55602
 (218) 848-2383

Frank Brula
 PO Box 358
 Babbitt, MN  55706
 (218) 827-2638

 Previous District Reports

Director - Bert Highland

September - 2017

Hi Trappers,

Well another convention has come and gone. Pete and his District 5 folks did a bang up job and the Litchfield convention ran smoothly. Other than a little rain the weather was perfect with cooler temperatures, which suits me just fine. Attendance seemed a little off but with the current fur prices it wasn't a huge surprise.

There seemed to be good attendance at all the demos and the Beginner Trapper Connection, so the interest is definitely still there. Raffle ticket sales were a little better than last year, hopefully next year will be better yet! District 4 will host next year’s convention in Barnum on August 2, 3, 4.  Buzz is already getting things in order; if you can help out please let me know and you can lend a hand to our neighboring district.

 We have a new president and vice-president, congratulations to Todd Roggenkamp and Dewey Schmitz respectively, both have excellent leadership qualities and are passionate trappers.  They'll will do a fine job leading the MTA for the next 2 years.

I'm not sure when this issue will arrive to you but District 1's fall meeting will be Sept.9 at 10:00 in Cotton. Our trapper education field day will be September 23 in Mountain Iron (check web-site for additional details). The winter meeting will again be held at the Askov High School on January 6.  Fur buyers, both auction houses doing fur pickups, trapping supply dealers, and the DNR tagging bobcats/otter are among the many things going on that day. The Legal Defense Banquet will be held that evening at the Askov Community Center. Buzz is selling the tickets now, give him a call at (218) 851-5989 for ticket availability. A great meal, loads of nice prizes, an evening out with friends, and most importantly supporting your MTA make this an event you don't want to miss.  I hope you'll attend.

On a sad note we lost another District 1 member. Don Ray of Aurora passed away in early August. Don was a regular at all our district meetings and conventions. I always said he was a cheerleader for Frank and me, giving us words of encouragement and standing behind us when hard decisions had to be made. At his funeral one of his nephews spoke and said his uncle had a unique way of not getting sprayed when trapping skunks as a youth, he was quite proud of only getting sprayed twice in his 82 years.  It received a good chuckle from the crowd gathered. I'm going to miss you brother, may your traps always be full and may you never get sprayed again in that big trapline up above.

Trapping seasons are just around the corner, after reading Mike Wilhite's fur market report and talking with Greg from FHA, I’m feeling a little better going into this season. Remember don't start early and only trap and market prime fur. Like they say if you don't trap and have nothing to sell you won't know what it was worth. Good luck this fall and above all be safe.



Co-Director - Frank Brula

September- 2017


Well, the convention is over and now is the time to start looking forward to the fall trapping experience.  The convention was another success. Those looking for "deals" on used or new traps had a lot of opportunity.  Each year, with the continuing "low" fur prices, it seems that trappers and families are arriving with newer and bigger trucks and campers. Obviously, they are not dependent upon fur to pay the bills so the pure joy of trapping and enjoying the outdoors is the driving force.

We now have a new president and vice president who will guide us for the next two years. District director elections will take place this fall so attend the meetings and be part of moving us forward as we face a tough fight ahead.  

Time to start checking and treating the traps and snares we use, especially trap tags, chains, etc.

Trap 'til I die,