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 Bert Highland
 1861 Brimson Rd
 Brimson, MN  55602
 (218) 848-2383

 Frank Brula
 PO Box 358
 Babbitt, MN  55706
 (218) 827-2638

 Mike Peterson
 1256 Floodwood Rd
 Floodwood, MN  55736

 Previous District Reports

Director - Bert Highland

June 2014

Hi Trappers,

The rivers in my neck of the woods started to open the day after Easter. I got my first traps in on April 23 so I'll get in about a week of trapping before the end of the month. On April 24 the Gunflint Trail area received a 15" snowfall. I think this has been the third snowiest winter on record and I don't believe we're out of the woods yet! I wonder if the ice will be off the lakes for the May 10 fishing opener? Lake, Cook, & eastern St. Louis counties are in another world of their own as far as winters hanging on, as those of us that live there well know.

My wife and I had a booth at the Sportsman's Expo in International Falls at the end of March. Members Lloyd Steen and Matt Hartzler helped us out and had a sign-up for their upcoming trapper education field day this fall.  Right next to us Denny Lagergren had a booth showing off his antique trap display, and Jim Rognerud did a clean beaver skinning and boarding demo for the crowd. It was a fun 2 days and trappers and the MTA were well represented and received at the show. Speaking of Jim Rognerud, he just got back from FHA's convention in North Bay with 2 more trophies under his belt. One for best handled beaver and the other for beaver speed skinning and boarding. He did a 62" beaver in 20 min. 2 sec., Wow! That’s getting on it! Congratulations Jim!

Mike Z., Frank, Butch S., Fred P., and I got together and assembled around 80 marten nesting boxes.  This is in addition to the 40 kits Frank has for the Barnum convention. It was nice to get together with everyone; lots of B.S. and trapping stories were exchanged. Special thanks to Mike Zupetz for having all the lumber cut to size and drilled ahead of time; it sure made putting them together a breeze. Also I was contacted by the Minnesota Conservation Corps working out of the Gooseberry Falls station and for their required 20 hours of volunteer service they chose the MTA as the organization they would like to help out. I'll be having them put up marten nesting boxes and recording all the required data. This really helps us out and I thank them for choosing the MTA. We still have more boxes to get put out so just get a hold of me or Frank and we'll get them to you.

Everything is coming together for the Barnum convention. I just confirmed that the Barnum Volunteer Fire Dept. will be serving breakfast Friday and Saturday mornings beginning at 6:00 am., so come have a hearty breakfast and show them our support. I'd also like to thank Dave D'Aigle for taking care of all the inside dealer registrations, it surely makes my work a lot easier. Well, I've got traps to check and beaver to skin so this is all for now. I'll let you know in Trapper's Post how my season ended up. Take care and be safe.




Co-Director - Frank Brula

June 2014


After a brutal winter of haul wood, fill the stove, haul wood, fill the stove, it appears that spring and summer may actually be an event after all. Our District 1 spring meeting in Cotton was again a successful gathering.   A good crowd showed considering the very poor driving conditions.  Tweety singlehandedly put together an encore great lunch for all, while Bert conducted another very informative meeting. The pine marten nesting box program is still going strong.  A great big thanks goes to Mike Z. for cutting all 125 boards to the correctly sized pieces for forty (40) kits which are packaged and ready to be assembled by the youth on Saturday at the convention in Barnum.  The team of Bert H., Fred P., Butch S., Mike Z., and I put together another seventy-eight (78) boxes on April 11 at Mike's shop.  When these get placed in the woods, we will have between three and four hundred boxes begging for female occupancy.  For those of you who have had chances to trap marketable spring beaver I hope you have had much success.  We are blessed with the DNR's extended beaver season here in the northeast.  We also have "special regulations" to reduce the accidental take of otter.  But, on May 16th and thereafter, the "nuisance control" trappers do not have to employ otter avoidance techniques.  That is a no-holds barred technique to eliminate the beavers causing problems. Trap 'til I die,



Co-Director - Mike Peterson

June 2014

A week ago we had a fresh cover of snow.  On May 2nd we went to Grand Marais for a memorial service for “Ranger Bob”.  Robert Arthur Maki left us April 8, 2014.  Ranger Bob retired about four years after he had worked for 38 years as a DNR Forester.  I knew Bob a long time, as we grew up a couple of miles apart.  If I remember correctly, he was Patrol Leader in our Patrol (Bob became an Eagle Scout), the Division of Forestry had the pleasure of both of us for a time.  We cut cedar logs for a sauna one winter.  Let’s say I and many others will miss him.  Ranger Bob was the ultimate woodsman, hunter, trapper, fisherman, steward of the land and friend.

This spring beaver season was a challenge at best!  Winter didn’t want to loosen its grip again this year up north.

I hope everyone is making plans for this summer’s convention.  We appreciate all that help to ‘lighten the load’!  There are some fresh faces in the demo schedule along with past volunteers.  Thanks to all.  See you in Barnum. Trap with Sisu!