Minnesota Trappers Association
District 1




 Bert Highland
 1861 Brimson Rd
 Brimson, MN  55602
 (218) 848-2383

Frank Brula
 PO Box 358
 Babbitt, MN  55706
 (218) 827-2638

 Previous District Reports

Director - Bert Highland

December 2016

I hope everyone is having a successful season thus far and enjoying the beautiful weather we've been having. Firearms deer season starts this week-end and the weather man says 60 above ----- NICE!! This warm weather probably isn't the best for the fur to move as my mink catch seems down some, but that also could be partly my fault as I can't seem to be able to drive by fresh beaver activity without setting a couple traps and the beaver population seems to be up this fall. So, I guess this all equals to more beaver laying on the garage floor and less mink sets out. I've been at this game for over 50 years and can't seem to change the way I operate. Can't teach this old dog new tricks I guess !!Frank and I had our trapper education field day back in Sept. We certified 14 new trappers with one coming all the way from Edina. I hope they enjoy this great sport as much as we do and it becomes an important part of their lives. I'd like to thank our fellow instructors Gary J., Don K., and Rusty W., CO Matt Frericks and COC Jake for their excellent presentation on laws and ethics, to all the individuals and dealers who donated items to get these young people off to a good start, and lastly to the Range Retriever Club for letting us use their grounds and facility in Mountain Iron, it fit our needs perfectly! We plan on having another field day next fall with a tentative date of Sept. 23.

The elections are still a few days away. I'm hoping for a favorable outcome but regardless I know the anti's are not going away and we have to be very vigilant as to what is going on at both the state and national levels. We are very fortunate to have Legal Counsel Gary Leistico and Tim Sprect watching over this for us. Remember the Winter Meeting and Legal Defense Banquet on Jan. 7. in Askov, all the details will be printed in this issue. Also, I have our district meetings set for 2017 (March 11 and Sept. 9) in Cotton. That's all for now. From our family to yours have a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. God Bless.



Co-Director - Frank Brula

December 2016


Well, another convention has come and gone, the fall board meeting is done, and now we concentrate on fall trapping. Bert put together a successful trapping class in September and all the presenters did a great job.  The students came away not only with trapping knowledge, but with a nice bundle of traps, lures, and stakes thanks to our generous donors:  Rob Heavirland, Richard Turcott, Behrant Miller, Rob Wills, Cory Wills, Bert, and myself.  A special thanks to Conservation Officer, Matt Frerichs, and The Range Retrievers Club with special help from Frank Spaeth.  

Fall trapping starts a little later for those of us in the north.  This makes for some better-quality fur and possible icing conditions.  We know that fur prices are down across the board so let's make it a more enjoyable season and work for quality and not quantity

Trap 'til I die