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MOHA Report by Greg Flor

June - 2016

Presently we are in the last two weeks of the session.  It appears that we will not see any damaging legislation pass but that is not to say it still not a frightful ride! 

We have seen proposed legislation, this year that would require trappers of all ages to have written permission from all land owners to trap on their lands - in writing! And on your person if checked by your CO!!  How about them apples, smelly "road apples" I call it.  In essence this bill would take out all our public land and forest, ditch banks, lakes (all land owners on the lake needed trapping by boat) as well as any corporate forest areas that are open to the public use. Yes, presently the restriction are for trappers, ONLY, but who's next if we continue to elect officials that lack a connection to the lands and its’ people.  Truly this bill DOES have a chance to be passed through the House, but no companion bill is in the Senate and that should keep it out of conference committee and it should die. But, never say never in politics, it still has a faint chance to be attached on other bills that may get passed. The PRESENT Powers to be assure me that this will die after passing the House, and what if they are not back here next year, and how in the  hell did it get this far??

So here we go, my soap box! Do you know how this guy got elected? A bunch of you voted for him in the last election without knowing what he was capable of!  And a bunch of you NEED to make sure this guy gets voted out as well as anyone that cast a "yea" vote on these kinds of proposals.

ATTENTION check to see HOW your Representative and Senator voted on what issues that affect your lives.  Public record - easy to find, it’s posted on their public web sites and campaign hand outs.

Sooooo, who’s voting this fall? The right answer should be all of us.   Do you know who's running and how they stand on your issues especially your outdoor issue -trapping.  Or are you voting for candidates that are actually trying to delete your life style and passions? He's/she's has been reelected so many times they must be good, right?  It's time for all of us to really know who our vote gives power to when they arrive in St. Paul. Make sure you know how your voting will work for you - the other side is.

Have you done your homework?  You still have time reading this - to vote correctly on the issues you hold the dearest.  Let’s not waste our resources as voters to not bring real change by being smart and convincingly outspoken on the issues that matter the most.  Yes, voting will continue to shape the State we call home, for better or worse.  We still have that choice to exercise this November, by electing proper representation in St. Paul.  Let’s vote . . . .  With both eyes open!

Greg Flor