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MOHA Report by Greg Flor

December 2014

What a difference just one day makes!  Mid-term elections are over, the results are in. Big shift of power in the House as the Republicans will retake leadership posts with a majority of the seats won in this election.

Our Environment and Natural Resources Committee will see many of the same faces participate, but for sure Chairman David Dill (Crane Lake - DFL) will be replaced.  Without a doubt he will try to remain on that committee as a member, but will lose his position as Chair.  Representative Dill has been instrumental in maintaining our wolf season and preventing radical changes to our trapping regulations for a long time now.  For MOHA he was always a welcome face when it come to protecting the outdoors.

A probable successor to that Chairman seat could be Representative Denny McNamara (Rep.) or possibly Representative Tom Hackbarth. Both are solid on outdoor issues and we would be in good hands.

Representative John Ward was unseated in District 10A by Republican challenger Joshua Heintzeman by a little over 1100 votes.  Representative Ward has carried the 220 bill for the past 4 year. Please don't believe for a moment that this issue will quietly go away.  We must do our best to continue to reduce the interaction of dogs and trapping.  Smart trapping will continue to keep the incidents and accidents very low.Presently more dogs are killed by wolves than by body gripping (220) traps, and let’s keep it that way.  Trapping season is in full swing and with the new CO reporting system we should get a better handle and truthful reporting of dog incidents. Dog Lovers 4 Safe Trapping and Sportsman Take Action are not going away anytime soon.

Have a safe season and avoid all locations that pet interactions could take place. That, in itself, will do the most to protect our use of the 220 tools.