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 Greg Flor
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March 2014

The 2014 Legislative Session is just around the corner.  What lurks in the Hall of St Paul is still unknown for the outdoor community. So far there is nothing on the horizon for concern: wolf issues went through a legislative hearing intact.  SO FAR nothing appears to be coming forward on the 220 restrictions. Just because it’s quiet does not mean it’s gone. The all out push from the MTA on 220 education, some improved modifications to cubbies, and the zip tie release kits have certainly had a tremendous impact on the issue.

But I do believe that the biggest impact has been the way trappers have adjusted their trapping styles toward this issue. "When in doubt, don't set one".  There is no way to measure the true concern of trappers toward dog owners by reduced incidental contact and avoidance measures.  Truly, there are no trappers that wish to have interaction with any domestic animal at a set. We all need to remember that domestic animals are only socialized wild animals with instincts that still prevail when out.  We preach location, location, location when we set traps to capture wild critters. We need to remember location, location, location when avoiding domestic interactions with trappers at all our set locations, weather footholds, snares, of body grips.

Our newsletter deadlines and frequency render it difficult to keep you in fresh information from St. Paul. This session will be over, or nearly so by the time you read the next issue. We will do our best to circulate all information to your MTA Directors ASAP so please use them as your information conduit during the 2014 Legislative session as it unfolds. We'll keep you informed.

One further note of interest - due to his fantastic input, knowledge, and unique people skills, Drake Jackson has been voted onto the MOHA Directors Board and will serve you well. I, too, still sit on that 15 member Directors Board. This awesome event happened at our MOHA Annual Meeting recently.

Drake, to be recognized by your peers at MOHA so quickly, shows your unique character, strength of resolve, and the total commitment to all outdoor communities interests through the monitoring of the legislative process. This, and other selfless gifts of your time, on behalf of the MTA and MOHA deserves to be recognized. I PROUDLY recognize your gift of service to the MTA and MOHA, and the future of Minnesota's outdoors!

l look forward to working with you in St. Paul through the years with the rest of the MOHA Board members.

Congratulation! Well done! Well deserved!