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MOHA Report by Drake Jackson 

June 2014

As of the day of writing this report, thanks to another proactive MTA/MOHA presence at this 2014 legislative session no new restrictive regulations have been enacted for the next trapping season.  The session is not yet ended though and MTA and MOHA representative will remain vigilant for last minute activity.  MOHA has been very actively supporting the MTA to keep trapping productive in our state.  Work is being done within MOHA to preserve the use of full-body-grip traps on dry ground and minimize as much as reasonably possible conflict with other user groups on our outdoor lands.  Bridges of education and communication are being built with many of the dog-user sport groups to work together, rather than apart, so that we can remain united as sportsmen, when faced with proposed legislation from groups that want to restrict the renewable harvest sports, altogether, that many of us treasure as a way of life.  There IS strength in numbers, and we need to work cooperatively to maintain them.

The MTA board of directors, in a further step from its educational page on full-body-grip traps that it sponsors in the MN DNR Hunting/Trapping regulation pamphlet, has approved the free distribution of full-body- grip trap release kits as an additional public relations effort.  This effort of public education is already reaping a great advantage of support from legislators that trappers are trying not to conflict with other user groups in the outdoors.  The kits are getting MTA volunteers invited to attend even more user groups meeting and events, especially sport dog groups, where we have the opportunity to educate on the facts of FBG traps in the field and the MTA's promotion of good trapping ethics.  While working with MOHA as the MTA representative I am seeing positive feedback for this project.  Your district leaders have more details on these kits.

MOHA is fully supporting a continued annual wolf harvest that includes both hunting and trapping methods of take as managed by the MN DNR.  We are monitoring any opposition as diligently as we can.  

Since the last issue, MOHA held its annual fund raising banquet and it was well attended by MTA leaders, other MOHA member groups and many legislators, DNR personnel and outdoor writers.  It is always a unique opportunity for MOHA member group individuals to network, broaden our horizons of our outdoor sport, and show commitment for our outdoor heritage and each other.  MOHA has chosen to highlight youth recruitment into outdoor sports at our last and future banquets, as this is a common challenge for many MOHA member groups.  The MTA was chosen and it accepted the inaugural presentation and it was very well accomplished by father and son MTA members, Bruce and Anthony Lotti.  Thank you both for spotlighting what trapping and trapping education has meant to both of you, individually and as a father/son team.  You expressed it well.  I have heard many good comments.

MOHA thanks the MTA for its donation of $500.00.