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MOHA Report by Greg Glor

December 2015

Good news for the Minnesota Trappers Association and MOHA!  Todd Roggenkamp has agreed to represent the MTA with Drake and me in St. Paul this year.  Drake is the Treasure and I am on the Executive Board in MOHA, a strong voice for the MTA got tempered. With the additional responsibilities of sitting the MOHA board, a potential conflict of interest has been a constant concern.  We represent MTA in MOHA meetings but represent MOHA in the halls of St. Paul and have to tread a very careful trail.  Having Todd join us is the perfect answer, it gives the MTA a clearer voice unencumbered by Drake and my MOHA Board duties.  Drake and I openly welcome the additional dimension that Todd adds for the MTA and to the strength of MOHA in 2015 and beyond.  Thanks for stepping up again Todd, to help the MTA, and, welcome to St Paul

With that said, this legislative season is coming quickly. It promised to be short and lively, for a couple of reasons.  Being this is the year 2016, the entire House of Representatives will be up for re-election in the cycle.  They will want to get their "work" done quickly and hit the campaign trail against the challengers not encumbered by their legislative duties. Secondly the session starts later this year, March 8th to be exact and scheduled to be out by May 23rd.    Early January is typically the start of session except for special consideration - it can be adjusted and set by the legislature during session, which they did last year. That will get them on the campaign trail and home in time for the fairs and summer events starting in June.

It will be a sad start with the death of the highly respective Representative David Dill of Crane Lake who lost his battle with cancer in August of 2015. So well liked across the aisle, both parties will miss what he brought to St. Paul.  He was a great sport and outdoors man. And such an allay to the sport fishing and hunting community, it was his passion.  His legacy in the outdoor community will long be remembered for what he did and secured for future generation.  'Missed' is just not enough of a word. 

See you all at the winter meeting! By then we will start to hear rumblings of what might be introduced for legislation toward the outdoor and sport community. We'll keep you informed.