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MOHA Report by Greg Flor

September - 2016

No special session has been called so the Game and Fish Bill that releases monies to the outdoor communities and projects is still in a holding pattern.  It had been passed in the regular session and the Governor vetoed it over some minor language issues that may have been a bit confusing but not detrimental in the large scope of things AND an easy fix this session. But politics took over and it appears that  the Game and Fish Bill was vetoed as leverage for other interests of the Governor's believing that it would leverage the need of a special session.  And the conservation community took the impact of that political cards-man ship.

Due to death, retirement and current primaries, many incumbents will not be returning to the fray or to St. Paul next year.  It may have a large impact in the Game and Fish committees. Held chairmanships will change for sure and the makeup of the committees may change if a sweeping political climate does away with the rest of the veteran legislators.  This election, it will be critical to know how your candidates views on the outdoors and conservation are. Please vote accordingly.

With more urbanization and an influx of new legislators we see the connection to the earth and conservation is not as strong as it was in the past.  The connection to the land is not there.  Many did not come off the farm; they arrived here in different ways. Some legislators do not own land and may have come from backgrounds that hunting fishing and trapping are not ingrained in their cultures.

It will be a big challenge in the future to educate them to the past conservation ethic and where we need to go in the future.

As always, updates in November.

Remember To Vote, it has power so don't give up yours!