Minnesota Trappers Association
 FTA Director Report

 Dale "Gabby" Hayes
815 Northland Lane NE
Rochester, MN  55906
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June 2014

It is such a rainy day and not much to do, so I thought what a good day to get this done. When the weather improves I will be ready to go and hit the pocket gophers. Last week all the yard work got done and the grass is starting to green up. I was checking the calendar and realized in less than seven weeks, we will be on our way to Washington, Pennsylvania for the 2014 FTA National Rendezvous. I am really looking forward to heading out East again and hoping to make it to Gettysburg for a day. With this being a joint PTA/FTA convention it should be great fun. It will also be great to see and visit with everyone that we have not seen since last year. 

If you are a FTA member, you should have received your sweepstakes raffle tickets. Please take the time to either purchase or sell your tickets.  There are some great prizes this year. There is also a raffle for a bear trap, which is an Oneida Newhouse #15, and a trap setter. Looking at the proposed demo list, vendor list and the activities list at or close to the convention site, there should be something for everyone. My plan is to have some MTA merchandise for sale and attend the National Council Banquet as the MTA representative. As I mentioned in March, I will be stepping down on the last day of June. I do plan on attending the MTA board meeting and will give a report. I have held this position of a number of years and I have mixed emotions about stepping aside but I know it is the right decision. I would like to say THANKS to everyone in the MTA for having the confidence in me. I must confess, it was very hard for me to stand in front of you all and talk. I would like to think I improved. The FTA also gave me a lot confidence and I am grateful for that and the ladies also welcomed Barb and that made it so much easier for me.

One last warning, I am retiring and not leaving so I will still be around. I will also assist in anyway needed. I will not promise but there may be one more article in the next newsletter. Hope to see everyone at the convention in Barnum.

Dale Hayes