Minnesota Trappers Association
 FTA Director Report

 Cory VanDriel
4781 475th St
Isle, MN 56342
(320) 676-1722



June - 2015

As I write my report, spring is in full swing.  On this homestead, that means spring chickens, new feeder pigs and yard work.  The low beaver prices gave me plenty of reason to work on other projects.  Unfortunately, the fur forecast looks bleak for the near future.  Lower rewards will result in lower participation with fewer trappers in the field.  Unfortunately, less trapper participation does not equate to fewer anti trappers participating and we must stay vigilant.  As I write my report there is little risk we will see any anti trapping legislation move forward in Minnesota but the anti’s are still busy setting the stage for next year.  On a side note, it appears a wolverine was killed in North Dakota.  The wolverine was shot while harassing calves and Fish & Game were called.  Let us hope a wolverine does not open a can of worms with ESA Protection.  It sounds like the wolverine came from Yellowstone via Colorado.

Nominations for Officers of the FTA closed.  If you are an FTA Member, please participate in the election process when ballots arrive in August.  Carol Krumwiede will be stepping down at the end of the year as FTA Treasure.  Steven Van Bookkeeping, LLC out of Oregon, Wisconsin, will now handle memberships.  They will also handle some of the bookkeeping.  This will lighten the load of the treasurer position.  As a result, one qualified individual has agreed to run for the open position of FTA Treasurer.

Looking ahead, the FTA Convention is in Lawrence Kansas July 7-9.  Lawrence is in the NE Corner of Kansas, very close to Iowa and Missouri.  It will be great to see all of you there!!  FTA Members can expect their raffle tickets in the very near future.  There are many wonderful prizes on the ticket and there is something for everyone, so it is well worth the small amount of the ticket!  There is also a separate raffle for an Oneida Newhouse #15 Bear Trap – which is a fantastic trap!

If anyone is having an education class, please contact me and I will be glad to get you out a copy of the Fur Takers’ latest educational DVD.  I will also have copies available at the Fur Takers’ Booth at the Minnesota Convention.

The FTA is currently working to make its’ magazine available in an electronic version.  There seems to be more and more interest as more of us embrace technology.  The greatest advantage would be a cost savings, especially for our Canadian and European members!  Most of us will continue to embrace the paper magazine every month for years to come.

In closing, I hope to see all of you in Fergus Falls at the MTA Convention.  Until then, be safe and as always, if you have any questions or concerns about the Fur Takers, do not hesitate to call, email or write me.

Cory Van Driel
FTA Director