Minnesota Trappers Association
Education Coordinator's Report

Shawn Johnson
6122 McQuade Rd
Duluth, MN 55804
(218) 525-4970


March 2012 

Greetings Trappers.  As of today's date 2-10-2012 two thousand one hundred six students have graduated the Minnesota Trapper Education Program. Please accept my personal thank you to all instructors out there that have embraced the opportunity to lead the next generation of trappers. Your contributions insure that our sport will persist long after we are gone.

I've recently put the finishing touches on the materials necessary for the electronic Instructor Certification option that so many have asked for.  The Minnesota Trapper Education Program Instructor Lesson Plans document has been updated and will be available for download as well as the Minnesota Trapper Education Program Procedures Manual as well as the newly required Code of Conduct. Prospective instructors will be able to download and print the Code of Conduct, provide the required information, sign it and send this document to me by regular mail. This electronic option will allow interested trappers to become certified instructors in a much more efficient manner than before.

Those that have hosted a Trapper Education Course, assisted or provided In Field Training will be considered "active instructors" and will merely have to sign a copy of the Code of Conduct to continue instructing with no additional requirements. They will be provided the newest versions of these documents along with registration forms etc. by mail shortly or when directly requested beforehand. Whenever practical, please request the electronic versions as hard copies of Procedures run around ten bucks apiece to have printed. Lesson Plans are much less expensive to produce.

I'm very excited with the incredible response we've had to our program over the past several months. Since November, nearly eighty students have registered for the correspondence course alone with the downloadable Minnesota Trapper Education Manual for students available online.  No doubt the recent increases in muskrat prices haven't hurt student demand for certifications either.

If you're considering hosting a course this spring, please contact me for student materials as well as instructor helps.

At this time, I'm currently going through the student manual making necessary corrections. I have convinced an accomplished production raccoon trapper to write a section on specialized traps for raccoon that so many are making use of today to have included in the next reprint of the student manual. If instructors feel that changes or additions need to be incorporated into the student manual- now is the time to contact me.  Once this task is complete, the manual can be included in the online trapper education option that is currently being constructed. A direct link to the Minnesota Hunting and Trapping Regulations Handbook from DNR will also be available in electronic format for students completing the written portion of the coursework.  The In Field Training will still need to be completed before the student can purchase his/her trapping license so the demand will no doubt begin to shift over time from instructors hosting traditional "sit down" courses to providing field training opportunities. If you'd be willing to help out, kindly give me your name hometown and contact information for future reference.  But please continue to host traditional courses where there is persistent student interest in the meantime.

The MTA website is also going through a major overhaul and trappers will soon be able to renew their memberships, purchase MTA souvenir items as well as keeping abreast of any recent developments on the trapping front in one place.  I certainly don't understand much of this technology but it certainly is an exciting development for our sport.

If you plan on manning an MTA booth at any upcoming event, please contact me for materials to distribute and for certificates of liability insurance if required.

We'd like to have at least a week ahead of time to insure the paperwork arrives prior to your event.

That's about it for now as I've got mountains of MTA projects left to finish.

Keep your skinning knives sharp,